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14 December 2007 @ 05:29 am
Yes, the*gogos are crack!whores~  
gogo and gogodgene started writing  Bya x Ren ~ Ren x Bya about seven months ago now. Naturally, writing that pairing for any length of time is VRY SRYS BSNS (bloody hell), and so it's been entertaining, as well as cathartic, to write some crackier pairings along the way (Bya x Shiro, lolz). That's not to say we made the characters cracky--hell, no--just that the pairings themselves aren't exactly "canon slash." 

And then there are cross-fandom crack pairings like...say...Grimmjow and Dante... Seems random, but to us they make perfect sense. Beyond that, who the fuck cares? Both of them are cocky, ballsy, muscle-bound badasses with really big, er, swords. Neither of them wear much clothing (thank you, canon!).  Getting them hot, naked, sweaty, and moaning? DONE.

Our infatuation w. this pairing came to be on the last night of gogo's trip to the UK to visit kaphinated and ratherbe4gotten. After a weekend of beer festivals, heavy metal bars, pub crawls, dancing till dawn at a massive 2500+ person rave, copious drinking, no sleep, and talking boys and yaoi on  K8's killer red couch, gogo had a hot, violently sexy Grimm x Dante dream that tragically ended much too soon.  gogo promptly reached for her cell phone, typing some vaguely coherent email to gogod along the lines of "Grimm x Dante. THOUGHTS?" gogod's reply: "DO WANT."  And that was that~

When day_eight introduced us to 50scenes, it seemed the perfect way to get our kinks out and play rough with these two bad boys. These scenes and ficlets are meant to be "tongue in cheeky," so read them w. a fair degree of lolz. (C'mon...one guy complains that his dick is too big. The other "releases" into the form of a big, blue...kitty. *snerk*)

Now, on w. the fic~

Title: Cherry on Top
: gogochan & gogodgene
Bleach x DMC
Grimmjow Jaggerjack x Dante Sparda
Prompt #39, Sugar
  Dante loves his strawberry sundaes. Of course, what that trash talker does with his mouth is enough to make Grimm hungry, too.

Is that a banana split in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

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listen: Trick Daddy, et al: "Sugar (Gimme Some)"