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27 June 2008 @ 05:04 pm
New things are new! Layouts and a new fic.  
Soooo, after a year gogo finally got around to updating the old LJ layout. Seriously, it had been a whole year. Longer, actually. The new layout primarily features Dante and Vergil, in one of gogo's all time fave images of them, by the incredibly talented Jo-Chen. The artwork is hers. Gogo simply added the Latin, care of Virgil, and the translation.

Putting together this LJ layout proved what a ridiculous perfectionist gogo is. Spent hours and hours (and hours) playing with colors, which is always easier said than done because gogo happens to be partially colorblind. Many, many thanks tolibekory and gogodgene for their help. Once colors were done, it was time to play with fonts. Gogo loooooooves fonts and has for years, ever since a guy bff (miss you so much, Mikeski) showed gogo that fonts are more than just "letters and numbers." Anyway, after spending even more hours fussing with fonts, it was realized that the so-special fonts were not lookin' so special on other people's computers. In fact, the special fonts looked downright SHITTY. So, gogo had to settle for normal (boring), easily-read-by-most-browsers fonts. WOE. But, still, even without the special fonts, it all turned out very pretteh, donchathink??

Speaking of libekory and layouts... Li did an awesome job of updating bleach_yaoi. We mods had been talking about updating the layout for so long, it was great to finally have it done. And gogo helped, too. Lots! You know, with incredibly helpful input like, "Why so much yellow? Gogo doesn't like yellow," and "NEEDS MORE BLACK!" Seriously... Besides being awesome with design and a great writer, Li has lots of patience. Gogo helped more when it came to words and editing and all that stuff. But doesn't bleach_yaoi look naisu?? Please to be admiring if you haven't yet. It's safe for non-yaoi girls, too.

And lookee here! This post isn't just a post about admiring new LJ layouts. There be new fic, here, too. This weekend marks gogo & gogodgene's one year anniversary, so to speak. YAY for us!!

We have emails dating back before the last weekend of June, 07, but this time last year marked the beginning or our collabs, co-writes,  and creative partnership. So, to commemorate a whole year of LJ, of Bya x Ren, of RPing,  of pron, crack pairings, lolz, and, most importantly, of love and friendship, here's a fun little Bya x Ren ~ Ren x Bya fic. ((We plan to write something a bit more substantial than this to celebrate, but please to be enjoying this for now...))

I LOVE YOU, GOGOD. YOU ARE MY BESTEST FRIEND AND I CAN"T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT YOU. HERE'S TO MANY, MANY, MANY MORE YEARS OF LOVE, HOT BOYS, DELICIOUS YAOI, AND LOLZ.  ((and it would be naisu if you would come sit w. gogo on the nice big comfy couch like we usually do. unless you're going to keep sneezing. in which case, it's prolly best for you to stay on your side of the coffee table. ILU. <3))

On with the fic!!

Title: Dear Byakuya ~ Dear Renji
Authors: gogochan & gogodgene
Rating:  PG -13
Warnings:  Implied yaoi; implied sex; some over-intellectualizing on Byakuya's part (lol, Proust); some over simplifying on Renji's part; and some tongue-in-cheek writing on behalf of the authors. No spoilers; no specific time line.
Renji wrote Byakuya a Valentine, back...you know...around Valentine's Day. Months later, Byakuya finally gets it in gear to answer...

Dear Bya, )



Sooo... )


'Promptly' means on time )

((while you're at our writing journal, allxthingsxgo, please to be admiring the updated layout there as well, including the new intro. Dante and Vergil doing a striptease? Yes indeed! Really, though, did you expect anything less from the*gogos?))
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kaphinated: OMG pwnieskaphinated on June 28th, 2008 10:41 pm (UTC)
hurrah for new layout and have a good aniversary! amazing you have done so much in so little time really.... gosh.

Gogo: Dante-Vergil-grrrgogo_ergo_sum on June 29th, 2008 11:24 am (UTC)
Sankyuu! Sometimes it's like "holy shit, it's been a whole year?" but am definitely not complaining. Time flies when you're having fun and all that good stuff.

gogo keeps meaning to go back through gogo and gogod's saved docs to count how many words (more or less) and how many pages (more or less) we've written over the past year. Considering that our average log is about 8 to 10 pages, and our fics range from 4 typed pages to 14... LOL. That's a lot of writing!

Anyhoo, thank you for the sentiment and the nice words. Hopefully, by this time next year, we'll have TAKEN OVER THE WORLD!!! Or at least have written a whole lot more.

thnx again~