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10 September 2008 @ 05:49 am
Bruce Wayne x Harvey Dent ficlet  
Title: Beyond These Walls, No One Knows
What: "Do It In Six" ficlet, where each sentence, thought, or action is 6 words long.
Characters: Bruce Wayne x Harvey Dent
Fandom:  Batman (The Dark Knight)
gogochan  & gogodgene 
Rating:  R? Light NC-17? You decide.
Warnings: Slash, yaoi, m/m, mature and sexual situations
Summary: Attraction, flirting, banter, and mutual seduction.
Sex; the morning after. Secrets. Trust.

Authors' Note:
The starting point for this ficlet is the scene in The Dark Knight (film) where Bruce & Harvey are making sexy eyes at each other over dinner, while Harvey gushes about Batman.

A/N 2
: We wrote this at the truly EPIC and ridiculously fun and addictive BATMAN 6 WORD DRABBLE-FEST and compiled
the drabbles into a ficlet . This is the shortest sex scene we've ever written, but we think it's very pretty. And while this isn't "Byn-Safe," it should be "gentle" enough for Elle~

The sound of a satisfying kiss.  It fills the quiet between them. )

((Have been meaning to post it here, especially since a few of you have been asking for Bruce/Harvey. We're working on some, promise! Two fics, actually, and they're both rather long. Everything the*gogos write seems to turn out rather long, which was partly why this drabble-fic felt more like a game than actual writing. Though we are pleased with how it turned out. Also wanted to get this posted here before putting up Bleach_BDSM's 6 Word Drabble-Fest.))

be: pleasedDo It In Six~