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12 September 2008 @ 02:56 pm
Kensei x Shuuhei // "Running the Gauntlet"  

Title: Running the Gauntlet
Characters: Muguruma Kensei x Hisagi Shuuhei
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: R
Warnings: Yaoi, slash, m/m, sexual situations, light D/s, discipline, glove/gauntlet kink, heavy spanking, foul language
Summary:  Shuuhei tries on Kensei's black leather "ass whuppin'" gloves. They don't fit. This leads Kensei to teach Shuu a little lesson by means of sexy, semi-playful corporal punishment.

Author's Note: Just a quick, kinky little something written for a request at the
bleach_bdsm  Kink Meme. (woot!) This is actually the shortest bit of fic that gogo has ever written (not counting the 6-word drabbles). Word count is just around 800. How 'bout that?


The sound of leather as it struck bare skin.

"Ouch, goddammit! That fucking stung!"

A quick chuckle. "Maybe you should've thought of that before ya' put the gloves on." The white-haired vizard raised his arm higher, and was rewarded with a satisfying smack, followed by a grunt from his young lover.

"What's with you, anyway?" Shuuhei cut his dark eyes to the side and glared at Kensei. "It's not like those gloves haven't been all over my body. Not like you haven't jerked me off with them, what...a hundred times? At least? The only place they haven't been is on my hands, so-- OUCH, motherfucker!"

Shuuhei squirmed, the indignity of being spanked stinging at least half as much as the actual pain. How the hell was he to know that, even after all these years, slipping his fingers into Kensei's long, lean, black leather gloves was some kind of serious no-no?

Shuu could squirm all he wanted. In fact, the more he wiggled about, the wider Kensei grinned. The big vizard hadn't gone so far as to turn the bratty brunet over his knee. There was no need. Plus, it was more fun like this, with the scarred shinigami's wiry legs trapped between his own; one hand clutching two slender wrists, while the other wielded one of the gloves. He'd likely pull his wayward lover down into his lap eventually. But for now...

"My gloves didn't even fit ya', kid. They were too big." Kensei twirled the glove over his head with a flourish before bringing it down hard on the brunet's bare ass.

"What. The. Fuck?" Shuu scowled and shook his spiky, raven-haired head. He craned his neck to look sideways at the former captain, even though it meant upsetting his tenuous balance. "Seriously. I can join your company--fuck, become lieutenant of your company--share qualities with your zanpakutou, and even ink your tattoo onto my face... But I can't wear your goddamn gloves?"

Kensei's smile grew dangerously wide. "Exactly."

Black eyes narrowed, causing white eyebrows to quirk in response.

"These gloves," the vizard continued, "Are the difference between you and me, boy." A flick of his wrist snapped the well-worn leather against a tan thigh. "You can't just pull them on and call yourself 'Master,' any more than you could've put on my haori and called yourself 'captain.'"

Kensei relinquished the glove in order to brush his fingers over the brunet's bruised flesh, smirking as he felt the smaller man shiver. The skin felt hot to his touch. No doubt it would smart when the shinigami went to sit down. "You gotta work for those gloves, earn 'em, just like everything else."

Shuu rolled his eyes. "Lemme guess... Work for 'em on my back, right?"

"No." Kensei's voice was suddenly serious. "On my back." His fingers slipped between the reddened cheeks, sliding down, going deeper, until they teased at the tight curl of muscle. The brunet immediately pushed back against his hand, and would have spread his legs, too, were he able (the lusty brat). "The day that you can top me, is the day you get to wear these gloves--these gauntlets." The calloused fingers withdrew, just as Shuuhei was beginning to moan.

"Until then..." The elder man put his shoulder into it, splaying his fingers in order to bring on a bruise in the shape of his hand.

Shuuhei curled his lip and hissed; a sexy response to the spanking. "Fine. I look forward to it. I'll get my own gloves and--"

Kensei snorted.

A light blush dotted the brunet's high cheekbones, making him look both adorable and utterly sexy. "What? I'm stronger than you think."

A bare hand was raised high. "Oh, yeah. Very strong."


The force of that strike would have sent Shuuhei tumbling forward, had Kensei not been holding him steady.

"Gaaahh. I hope to hell you're havin' fun, 'cause I'm not." The shinigami lifted his arms, or tried to, caught as they were in the vizard's vice-like grip.

"Like you're not enjoying this? Ha!" A shock-white head of hair nodded at Shuuhei's crotch. "Sorry, but your cock kinda gave it away, what with it lookin' all nice and hard."

Shuu's lips twisted into a decidedly sultry smirk. "Yeah, well... Whatever. Go ahead and smack my ass, 'Master.' Just let me know when you're ready to fuck."

Kensei threw his head back and laughed. That's what he loved about this kid. No matter how hard they played, no matter how rough they got, it was all fun and games...

Until it was time to fuck.
be: amused*snerk*
Horusguard76horusguard76 on September 13th, 2008 05:59 am (UTC)
Deliciously hot idea! Too bad it is so short. I myself always focus on their tattoo to be kinky... it's great to read something else. ;)

Love that Shuuhei talks back (he is on the cowering kind). But more over I like that Kensei has some iron principles and sticks to them even when faced with such an irresistible lover like Shuuhei ;)

And I agree with the above posters... Fucking IS very serious business. Yes, Sir! :)
the*gogos: KenseixShuuheithe_gogos on September 13th, 2008 06:15 am (UTC)
Oh hi! gogo remembers you. You left some lovely comments for gogo & gogod on "The Stoic Squirms," a Kensei x Shuu BDSM fic that we wrote a few months ago.

This one was written just by gogo, and more for fun than anything else. But we'll surely be writing more Kensei and Shuu, because they're such a hot and sexy pairing.

Well, thank you so much for reading and responding! One great thing about Kensei x Shuu (besides how totally hot they are) is that there are so many great kinks that are easy to work into their relationship dynamic.

Again, thnx for your kind comments. This was fun to write, and agree with everyone here that fucking is VRY SRYS BSNSS! unf!

Edited at 2008-09-13 06:16 am (UTC)
Horusguard76horusguard76 on September 14th, 2008 08:09 am (UTC)
Hi! *waves* You recall me? Shit, here I'm highly impressed by your inspiration, creativeness and your energy (all those communities and wild ideas and being an admin and ... *gasps for breath*) and you go and flatter me. (I do leave well-thought-out comments because imo it's the least I can do to show appreciation to a writer's hard work. And I know how freaking hard writing can be. ;) )

I really, really loved the snark between them - makes them so much realer, besides it fits and was fun to read.

Amen to your statement about them being perfect material for kinks... ;)
Gogo: Bya-controlgogo_ergo_sum on September 15th, 2008 01:25 pm (UTC)

gogo does keep pretty busy. Haven't written Bleach fic (outside of RP) for several months, so it was fun to get back into it.

And, thank you, the snark was what made this little ficlet so fun to write!