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28 May 2007 @ 03:17 am
Ways of Binding, Part 2  
Who:  Gogochan
What:  Byakuya x Renji, Ways of Binding 2
Rating:  R or Mature for yaoi, voyeurism, playful violence, language, and self-pleasuring.
Spoilers:  None, really. Just general SS arc stuff
Disclaimer:  Don't own Bleach or any of these hot, hot boys. Just like to play with them.

Summary:  Byakuya loves to make Renji squirm. Renji gets his revenge. Byakuya gets spanked. How will the proud noble react to that?

Today’s episode at the Academy wasn’t the first time Renji had felt Byakuya’s teasing breath on his tattooed neck.

Renji’s relatively short tenure with the Sixth division had been peppered with a variety of awkward moments and “is he tryin’ to fuck wit’ my mind?” situations.


A rather benign example could be found in the way the Byakuya stared at Renji whenever they sparred.


The brazen redhead loved to spar with his coldly efficient taichou. Byakuya always pretended that such exercise was beneath him. Renji knew better.


Their sparring matches grew longer and more intense as Renji became stronger. The sight of his undulating serpentine bankai always hammered a spark into the cold steel of Byakuya’s gray eyes. Renji didn’t know what that meant, but he liked it. It was the only time he saw the Kuchiki heir look truly alive.


Sometimes they’d spar for hours. Outwardly, the patrician taichou remained as composed and dispassionate ever. Unlike his balls-to-the-wall subordinate, he rarely broke a sweat. Behind the aristocratic mask, icy eyes would dance over Renji’s heaving form whenever he gasped for breath or shook the sweat from his blood-red hair.


Renji could be boisterous and clumsy, and he wasn’t the best at kidou, but an unpredictable life on the Rukongai streets had honed his senses until they were razor-sharp. Though the younger shinigami was fully aware of the majestic eyes that watched him closely, he always feigned ignorance and took great pains to avoid the older man’s gaze.


Zaraki taichou had been an open book—well-thumbed, dog-eared pages stained with large, sloppy “Read me if you want—I don’t give a shit” print. During his first two weeks with the Sixth, Renji’d failed to read one line of Kuchiki taichou’s fine print. It’d been frustrating, but hardly a surprise.


Renji quickly gave up on trying to understand his new captain and whole-heartedly accepted the man as a brilliant, albeit prissy, antiquated, and antisocial, enigma. After all, Kuchiki taichou was his idol; the icon of effortless strength he simultaneously revered and feared. Renji was honored that the powerful swordsman considered him to be a worthy sparring partner.


The way Kuchiki taichou looked at him when they crossed swords was kinda flattering… almost like the mysterious man actually liked him. It was very unlike the way the elder looked at him that day he fell asleep on his lunch break….


Renji hadn’t meant to fall asleep; it’s just the damn weather had been so perfect that day. He couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend a few minutes basking in the sun. Plus, a bit of fresh air was just the thing to quiet the war drums that signaled the forward march of his hangover.


“Modesty” is not a word one usually hears in association with Abarai Renji. After finding a sunny patch of grass, he stripped to the waist in less time than it takes Byakuya to adjust one of his prim, fingerless gloves.


The sun felt so nice and the fresh spring air was just so relaxing. The dream started to take shape before his eyes were fully closed….


It was evening. Renji was standing in a lush garden filled with exotic flora. His entire being was focused on the beautiful, ethereal man standing before him. Moonlight caressed the man’s flawlessly sculpted features, giving his alabaster skin an otherworldly glow. Kuchiki Byakuya was truly a creature of the night.  


A chill snaked down Renji’s spine, alerting him to the familiar feel of the other’s emotionless appraisal. This time, Renji returned the unflinching gaze, and held it. 


Eyes locked. Neither spoke. Neither moved. Both seemed to be waiting; silently daring the other to make the next move. The redhead broke the silence with a playful growl, and was shocked when the imperturbable noble responded with something that sounded suspiciously like a low chuckle.


Renji needed no further encouragement. He released warm waves of reiatsu, knowing the older man would instantly sense the gnawing hunger and longing that coursed through his spirit energy. The Kuchiki responded instinctively, releasing just enough reiatsu to block Renji’s insistent energy.


Renji sensed the subtle resistance. On impulse, he grasped the elusive tendrils of Byakuya’s reiatsu and embraced them fiercely.


 Renji gasped. He’d never felt such impenetrable, glacial cold. Knowing Byakuya, these wisps of reiatsu were just the tip of the iceberg.


 Distracted by the brutal chill, it took Renji a moment to register that the aloof elder hadn’t rejected him. On the contrary, the noble sent thin fingers of reiatsu to trail softly, languidly—almost teasingly—against the raw heat, causing the redhead to shiver. Through the wall of ice, Renji could sense mild amusement stemming from a barely suppressed curiosity.


 Renji dared to tighten the embrace. Without warning, the delicate fingers became sharp, raking claws, easily piercing the younger man’s reiatsu. Renji stifled a grunt of pain. It hurt like hell. Was this the high and mighty bastard’s way of returning the embrace? The claws dug in deeper, infusing the redhead’s reiatsu with a devious hunger that carried traces of abject cruelty. Renji kept his reiatsu steady, accepting the pain without submitting to it.


Gradually, the ice in Byakuya’s eyes began to thaw, revealing opaque pools of unfathomable depth. A sharp flash of light cut through the darkness like a beacon, drawing Renji closer to the abyss.


“I want you,” he confessed. “I know,” Byakuya replied.


 Auburn eyes plunged recklessly into the other’s cold, murky depths. Before he could delve below the surface, lighting struck the dark water. The jolt of electricity forced their reiatsus apart and brought Renji out of his reverie. His captain was still standing in front of him… So close…


Electricity filled the air. Renji lunged forward, intent on gathering Byakuya in his arms, but was firmly held at bay. A strange pressure had come between them, obscuring his vision and pushing the noble just out of his reach. He tried to cry out, “Taichou!” but the aberrant pressure invaded his lungs and he choked on thick, acrid air.


Renji awoke with a start, gasping for breath, surprised as all hell to find Byakuya looming over him. His slender shadow was draped over Renji’s supine body.


Renji snapped to attention, sputtering out apologies. He sat up quickly, wincing slightly as rough material rubbed against his swollen arousal. “Fuckin’ perfect,” he groaned inwardly, hoping the hakama’s baggy folds were sufficient to hide his throbbing erection. Poor fool. Even from 20 feet away, that massive hard-on was impossible to miss.


He was fumbling around for the rest of his clothes when he noticed something different in Byakuya’s reiatsu. A slight, pulsing vibration, like a low electrical current, made every hair on Renji’s body stand on end. He looked up, eyes straining against the glare, and was surprised to see his taichou’s top lip curled into something just short of a smug little smile.


“The hell is that about?” Renji wondered. His jaw dropped with the sudden realization that the older man had been watching him sleep. His heart skipped a beat, and he felt strangely exposed.


The Kuchiki emitted one of those patented sighs reserved specifically for Renji’s “childish” antics. “Nap time is over,” he drawled. The solemn, unwavering intonation contrasted sharply with the faint buzz of curious energy pulsing through his reiatsu.


The captain’s eerie twist of a smile sunk into a faint scowl. He’d expected the energetic ruffian to scramble gamely to his feet, garnet eyes twinkling; insouciant grin spreading from ear to ear.


Instead, the younger man seemed…withdrawn. His full lips had all but disappeared into a hard, thin line. The fire in those warm, russet eyes was smothered by a thick, wet blanket of confusion, caution, and doubt—emotions that elder shinigami had neither the interest nor the patience to read.


Neither man seemed to recognize that Renji’s version of “withdrawing” was a near perfect imitation of Byakuya’s normal, tight-lipped expression. Instead, Byakuya gritted his teeth as his subordinate lowered his unseeing gaze and listlessly turned away.


“Get back to work, Abarai fukutaichou,” was all he said before turning neatly on his heels, flipping his hair, and moving briskly away from Renji’s sun-kissed torso. 


Renji’s eyes regained a bit of focus as they instinctively followed Byakuya’s quick yet fluid stride. Usually, the young firebrand found himself fascinated—even entranced—by his willowy captain’s graceful movements. Right now, he was simply thankful for the distance Byakuya between them.


“What jus’ happened?” he whispered. “No way that was jus’ a dream.” Vestiges of cold, dark energy brushed against his bare shoulders, eliciting an involuntary shiver—even though the afternoon sun still burned brightly in the sky.


“That energy…the freakin’ cold…it…it was taichou’s reiatsu.” He pulled his legs tightly against his chest, clammy forehead coming down to rest against strong knees.


Imagining sharp “claws” of energy tearing into his reiatsu was one thing. But the idea of Kuchiki taichou being able to penetrate into his dreams was downright creepy. Letting the enigmatic man get under his skin was dangerous enough. For the sake of his pride, not to mention his sanity, he couldn’t allow the elder to invade his subconscious and manipulate his dreams. Crush or no crush, Renji vowed to be more careful…more guarded…more distant….





“Che,” Renji grunted, shrugging off the quick shudder that accompanied the memory of that dream and that day. “Dunno why I thought I could jus’ shut ’im out. Tryin’ to ignore ’im was prob’ly the worst thing I could do.”


He tugged the fiery strands of hair behind his ears for the umpteenth time. “Taichou’s a diff’rnt breed, a’ight. Maybe he gets off on playin’ with me… For a pure-bred, he sure is one sick puppy.” Impish eyes twinkled. “Feh. Maybe it’s all in my head. Guess I’ll find out soon enough…”


Renji zig-zagged around Sixth company’s offices, lowering his reiatsu until it was completely hidden. Anyone keeping tabs on him—even Byakuya—would assume he was just passing through.


Stubborn, unruly hair kept tickling his eyelashes and threatened to break his concentration. Renji considered darting into his small office to grab another hair band, but quickly thought better of it. Byakuya made a habit of causally entering his subordinate’s office whenever he damn well pleased. About once a week, the dark haired shinigami would silently materialize in Renji’s tiny work space. By the time Renji noticed his presence, Byakuya was leaning over his shoulder, closely inspecting his work. Banal criticism, spoken in that impossibly smooth monotone, would invariably follow.


“Taichou loves to hide his reiatsu.” Renji shook his head, red mane swirling seductively around his broad shoulders, completely unaware of how damn sexy he looked. A wry smile bared sharp, gleaming fangs. “Sneaky bastard.”


Renji’d all but gotten used to Byakuya’s silent intrusions into his personal space. He’d almost stopped flinching when taichou’s silky hair brushed against his right ear. He was even starting to like way Byakuya’s gentle breath would collect into a small sigh whenever he found some minor error in the fukutaichou’s paperwork.


There was something…sensual in those little sighs that always quickened Renji’s pulse. He’d squirm a bit in his chair, desperate to suppress the inevitable gnaw of lust, convinced that the quiet noble could all but read his mind.


Renji slapped his forehead and sucked in his breath. “Gotta stop thinkin’ ‘bout all that or I’ll get busted ‘fore I can make a move….”


It was late in the afternoon, and Sixth division’s administrative offices were nearly deserted. Renji slunk down the hallway, taking care to keep his reiatsu firmly in check. Keen senses told him Byakuya was alone in his office.


Renji prowled silently, pausing just before his own office. Kuchiki taichou’s office was one door away. Renji could hear him speaking at semi-regular intervals. Though the conversation was muffled, he instantly recognized the particular tone of voice Byakuya employed for the captains and high-ranking officials he considered to be “tolerable,” yet ultimately—and eternally— “beneath” him.


Random snippets of conversation wafted through the thick wood door. Renji snickered to himself as he caught the words “Kuchiki archives,” “priceless historical artifacts,” “irresponsible,” and “sake.” 


“He’s on the phone with…Kyouraku taichou,” Renji decided. He leaned casually against his office door, confident that the Kuchiki was oblivious to his evesdropping. Still, should Byakuya or anyone else happen upon Renji, he would simply appear to be waiting patiently outside taichou’s door. Nothing unusual there. Renji never entered his superior’s office without expressed consent. Byakuya, on the other hand, never knocked.


The Kuchiki made no attempt to hide his budding annoyance with his jovial booze-loving senpai. The conversation had him somewhat distracted. How very convenient…


Renji needed but a second to assess the elder’s position in the spacious office. He drew in his breath, auburn eyes dancing with a naughty gleam. “No fuckin’ way…” This was almost too perfect.


For the pampered, sheltered noble, stealth was merely a bonus. As a youth, he’d developed the skill to avoid nagging relatives and “unsavory” classmates. For the former Rukongai street kid, stealth was a prerequisite for survival.


He made a mental note to buy Kyouraku-dono a great, big bottle of sake before slowly, carefully (so carefully) easing open Byakuya’s door and silently slipping inside. 


The redhead treated himself to a brief moment of triumph as the familiar scent of neroli, sakura, and musk tickled his nose. So far, so good. The meticulous nobleman had yet to notice his presence.


Byakuya was standing in front of his desk, facing away from the door. He cradled a small, wireless phone against his right ear, apparently trying to temper his impatience by focusing on the happy white clouds drifting past the window. His left hand trailed absentmindedly through the curls of perfumed smoke that rose lazily from the large, three-wick candle on his desk.


The richly scented candle was a fixture on Byakuya’s elegantly carved desk. Over the years, Renji had come to associate the heady scent with his beautiful, raven-haired taichou. Sometimes, a whiff of the candle was all it took to make him thoroughly aroused.


Like right now… Renji’s eyes poured over the noble’s elegant frame, the candle’s intoxicating scent further tantalizing his senses. The simple act of voyeurism was enough to quickly bring him to a full, almost painful, arousal. Plus, Byakuya’s voice had a deep, resonating quality that the younger man found deliciously erotic.


Come to think of it, those long, supple fingers twirling and teasing the curls of smoke were pretty damn erotic, too. Renji’s mind instantly flooded with a dozen sexy scenarios involving little more than his willing, naked body and those playful fingers.


Renji was aware of Byakuya’s occasional contributions to the conversation, but hadn’t bothered to register what was actually being said. He was much too busy imagining the feel of smooth, porcelain fingers brushing against his lips… ghosting down the front of his throat…


Renji snapped back to attention as the Kuchiki drew in a sharp breath and tensed the lithesome fingers into a tight fist. 


“Kyouraku, you must know that I continue this tedious communication out of necessity, not personal interest,” Byakuya sounded equal parts bored, imperious, and mocking.


Renji recognized the trace of venom in the otherwise toneless voice. Eighth division’s taichou must have touched a nerve.


“I refuse to discuss anything that is not entirely relevant to the matter at hand. That scroll is Kuchiki property.” The dull edge in Byakuya’s voice could still cut like a knife. “Your previous acquaintanceship with my long-deceased parents is irrelevant. Your interest in that scroll is irrelevant. And, my private life is especially irrelevant.”


With that, the noble jabbed his long, flawless index finger into the hot wax of the candle. There was a barely perceptible wince as Byakuya removed the slender digit and allowed the burning wax to drip on his boney knuckles.


The look on Renji’s face was priceless. That candle burned on the edge of taichou’s desk every damn day, but Renji had never once seen Byakuya touch it, or even acknowledge it, let alone get kinda freaky with it.  


Renji was amazed Byakuya hadn’t simply hung up in response to whatever Kyouraku taichou said about his private life. Then again, Byakuya was nothing if not stubborn, and he obviously wanted something from flamboyant shinigami. Renji honestly couldn’t imagine the pampered Kuchiki heir not getting what he wanted.…


To this end, Byakuya allowed his senpai to respond, though he was no longer actively listening.


He seemed to be somewhat preoccupied with the alabaster finger now firmly encased in dark purple wax. He flexed the finger a few times to weaken the seal and shook it in a way that was almost undignified. Almost. The wax stayed put.


Then, to the leering redhead’s absolute delight, Byakuya brought his hand up to his face and began chewing on the finger to remove the wax. Of course, Renji couldn’t actually see this, but the noble’s next utterance of “Mmmm” sure sounded as if he had something in his mouth.


The fingers…the wax…taichou’s luscious little mouth…that deep, vibrating “Mmmm….” Renji now had enough masturbation material to last him several blissful years.


“Wish there was some kidou spell that’d trick taichou into thinkin’ his finger was my cock,” he mused.


Renji figured he’d pretty much “won” this round. Sneaking into the elder’s office and passively playing voyeur would be more than enough to rattle the intensively private Kuchiki. Really, all Renji had to do was stay still and patiently wait for Byakuya to turn around.


Yeah, right. Like modesty, patience wasn’t one of the gutsy redhead’s stronger virtues. He’d been so focused on concealing his reiatsu, he was genuinely unaware of the warm hand that instinctively snaked its way into his hakama.


Nnnhh... Dammit!” A calloused palm suddenly gripped his swollen member with a familiar ferocity. The fukutaichou had clearly mastered his reiatsu, but seemed to unable to control the wayward thumb now slowly circling the pulsing tip of his erection…teasing the sensitive slit…dipping to rub that spot just below the tip. He suppressed a bliss-filled shudder as his engorged cock began to throb.


“No! Nnghh… Stop it, baka!” He chided, willing his hand to let go. One hard stroke and he’d lose it completely….game over…new score—haughty taichou: 2, horny fukutaichou: 0.


Even as Renji forced himself to control his need, baser instincts were tempting to him to just fuckin’ go for it. Why not shock the shit out of his frigid leader with a barrage of untamed, primal lust?


Just then, said leader shifted his slender hips and leaned lightly against the massive desk, still ignorant of the horny intruder lurking several feet away.


 Instead of relaxing, Byakuya immediately stiffened. Renji held his breath in alarm. He didn’t dare exhale, even when it became obvious that the fussy aristocrat was just trying to get comfortable.


Byakuya murmured one of those sensuous “Mmmm’s” before gently placing the phone on his desk. He shook the last bits of wax off his left hand before cupping it over the candle’s sinuous trail of smoke, as if trying to capture as much of the elusive fragrance as possible.


Now free of the phone, his right hand quickly tugged the loose folds of his uniform and haori against his right hip. As his right hand fussed and folded the thick fabric, his left hand arced gracefully toward his face, wayward tendrils of smoke curling gently against his palm.


Renji afforded himself a quick gasp as the aristocrat inhaled deeply. “Taichou’s sure got a thing for that candle…”


In trying to provide a bit of padding for his pedigreed hip, Byakuya had pulled the voluminous uniform tight against his firm, shapely ass.


Just when Renji thought the view couldn’t get any better, Byakuya shifted more of his weight against the desk and began to tap one foot impatiently.


Renji smirked. It looked like taichou’s butt was winking him. He couldn’t help but wink back.


Byakuya breathed out a soft sigh. He despised having to communicate at any length with the absurdly flamboyant, nosy Kyouraku. He was no fan of these increasingly complicated communication devices, but was grateful that the small communicator allowed him to speak with the drunkard at a distance. The ancient shinigami was starting to make less and less sense. One more bottle of sake and Byakuya should be able to press the inebriated man into promising to return the scrolls he’d “borrowed” without consent from the Kuchiki archives. 


Renji’s eyes were glued to the noble’s pert bottom. The beautiful man was lithe and lean and so… statuesque. The redhead could only assume that taichou’s ass was probably as perfectly sculpted as the rest of him.


Though he was hundreds of years old, the pampered head of the Kuchiki clan was still a spoiled, temperamental brat. The way Renji saw it, Byakuya must have been insufferable as a child. It was common knowledge that the decorated noble held the additional honor of being the most powerful leader in his clan’s long history. Byakuya was incredibly stubborn, and—by Kuchiki standards—dangerously rebellious. Yet, for some reason, he continued to submit to the clan’s heavy yoke of outdated propriety and implied superiority.


Renji often wondered what arcane methods of discipline the Kuchiki elders employed to maintain such thorough control over the willful, arrogant heir. Surely, it had taken more than harsh words to keep a young, bratty Byakuya in line. Had Byakuya’s parents, or any of the Kuchiki elders, ever dared to reprimand him physically? Had the precious prince ever felt the sting of an angry slap, or…better yet…the humiliation of a thorough, bare-bottomed spanking?


The mental image that immediately followed was too tempting to resist. Renji’s inky eyebrows arched mischievously, complemented by a rakish grin. He unwound the slightly sticky palm from his hard-on and took a definitive step toward his taichou.


The same gods that had gifted Byakuya with otherworldly poise and restraint had ironically hardwired Renji to act on raw emotion and sheer impulse. 


Though his heart threatened to beat itself right out of his chest, the fiery fukutaichou managed to keep his erratic reiatsu firmly in check. He acknowledged Zabimaru’s influence, grateful for the nue’s uncanny ability to stay one step ahead of him. 


With a jolt, Renji realized Zabimaru wasn’t the only zanpakutou in the room. How could he have forgotten about Senbonzakura? He glanced back at the ornate armoire where Byakuya often let her rest.


A light tingling on an old scar told Renji that she was aware of him as well. Strange… Why hadn’t she alerted her master to Renji’s presence?


As if in answer, the scar began to itch. Really itch. Fourth company had deftly healed all but one of countless cuts Renji received from Byakuya’s bankai. There was one on a rather intimate part of his right inner thigh that stubbornly refused to fade.


Renji reached down to give the scar a quick scratch, encountering his erection in the process. A hot blush stained his cheeks with the realization that Senbonzakura had been watching him watch her master… Interesting… very interesting… In response, the itch faded into a teasing tickle.


“Kinky sword…” Renji’s rakish grin deepened into something far more devious as he flattened his right hand and stretched his strong, ropey sword-arm back as far as it would go.


In the depths of Renji’s mind, the serpentine side of Zabimaru hissed a sharp, “Surprise!” as the tattooed shinigami swung the muscular appendage forward, adding a stinging amount of reiatsu just before impact. The flat of his hand collided with the Kuchiki’s firm ass with an audible SMACK.


Byakuya yelped in surprise as the blow pitched him ungracefully into and onto his priceless antique desk.


While Renji could almost hear the boney hips grinding against the desk’s unforgiving edge, the painful sound of delicate elbows slamming into the hard, wooden surface left little to the imagination. Byakuya’s small black phone skittered awkwardly across his desk, mercifully breaking in two the moment it collided with the floor.


Renji couldn’t help the shit-eating grin that took over his face. He did it! The poised, stoic, haughty, arrogant, distant, nonplused, reserved, serene, cold-as-fucking-ice noble had yelped. Actually, it was more like a high-pitched squeal. Renji’ed heard it plain as day. Even better, there was an excellent chance that Kyouraku taichou had heard it, too.


Byakuya whipped around with a hiss, eyes filled with unmistakable fury. Though shaken, he quickly reclaimed his footing and balance. Gray eyes widened as he took in the spectacle before him.


The thick, tousled red mane framing warm, tawny skin…. Garnet eyes burning with a predatory gleam…. Hungry mouth widening into a cocky, cat-that-ate-the-canary grin…. Relaxed stance intentionally belying quick, dangerous reflexes…. And a reiatsu that pulsed with a power both ancient and elemental.…


The lonely Kuchiki had always been attracted to the ruffian’s wild sensuality and feral energy, but he’d never expected this…


The man who stood before him appeared positively leonine. He radiated the unequivocal power and innate confidence that came naturally to the beautiful beasts that ruled the food chain.


Once again, the cold, self-centered noble had underestimated the hot-blooded commoner.


The calculating captain had recognized Renji’s raw talent before the redhead began happily hacking his way up Eleventh company’s ladder. Yet, regardless of Renji’s obvious strength and potential, Byakuya had mistakenly chosen to disengage and routinely dismiss his prodigious fukutaichou.


At this moment, had Renji presented himself as anything less than the ultimate “noble savage,” Byakuya would have immediately and unmercifully re-asserted himself as alpha male.


Instead, the stubborn elder grudgingly conceded that he’d neglected to adequately monitor, and control, the rambunctious mongrel he’d hand-picked to be his fukutaichou. Though his ass—and pride—still stung from the heavy-handed blow, he expertly feigned composure.


Renji, being Renji, was the first to break the strained silence. “Er… Hey, taichou…” he exhaled, not sure of what else to say.

Byakuya blinked. Renji was once again just a young, cocky, undisciplined shinigami. The noble's marble mask settled over his features and another layer of ice formed over his eyes. How dare that impudent wretch strike him in such a manner? Oh yes, he wanted to feel the boy’s incredibly seductive reiatsu…but not like this. The Rukongai cur had dangerously overstepped his bounds.


The icy eyes crackled with a murderous gleam. Byakuya smirked inwardly as his subordinate took an involuntary step back. “Yes,” he thought, “I am going to enjoy putting this whelp back in his place.”  


“Aww shit,” Renji thought, “He ain’t gonna let this one go without a brawl. Can’t say I blame ‘im.”


The gleam in Kuchiki taichou’s eye told him Senbonzakura would be mercilessly shredding him to bits any minute now. Fine. So be it. Renji would go down fighting, content with the knowledge that he’d broken through the Kuchiki’s thick wall of ice and made him squeal like a little girl.


Byakuya’s eyes darted over to Senbonzakura’s armoire, expecting to feel her pulsing with indignant rage. Instead, she felt oddly…subdued.  Had Renji placed some kidou spell on her? No….


Renji followed the cold gray eyes across the room. He was more or less in between Byakuya and his sword. Taichou was fast, but Renji could probably head him off. What would the stoic man do if Renji tackled him to the ground? That thought brought the rakish grin back to his face.


“Ne, taichou,” Renji said, red eyes taking on a wicked glow. “We can do this without zanpakutous.”


Renji eased a sheathed Zabimaru out of his sash and held the sword at arm’s length. He dropped his voice to a near whisper. “Jus’ you and me, taichou…. Man to man….”


He kept his eyes level with his captain’s as he tossed Zabimaru lightly to the floor. Byakuya’s eyes narrowed to cruel slits.


Renji dropped into an easy fighting stance, low growl rumbling deep in his throat.


Byakuya curled his lip, shifting his own stance accordingly.


Renji smacked his hands together, rubbing them in anticipation. He beckoned to Byakuya, taunting him.


“A’ight taichou… Bring it!”


Byakuya snarled. Both men launched forward, but the raven-haired shinigami proved to be much quicker.


Long, steely fingers wrapped around Renji’s throat, effectively stopping him in his tracks. Byakuya glared at his surprised captive for a moment and then lifted the larger man clear off the ground.


The cold Kuchiki tightened his grip. Boney, pallid fingers looked skeletal against the twitching muscles and ruddy, tattooed flesh. He was pleased by the flashes of fear in Renji’s red eyes as he fought to break free from the chokehold. Byakuya allowed his subordinate to struggle a bit longer before easily casting him to the side.


“Fuck!” Renji coughed, stumbling back a few steps as he gasped for breath. The willowy noble always seemed so damn delicate. Renji hadn’t expected him to be that strong. He caught Byakuya’s smug gaze and quickly averted his eyes. “Fuck. Now what?” he thought.


His powerful captain surprised him by emitting one of those “Renji is so frustratingly childish” sighs.


“Renji,” he drawled, enormously amused to see the redhead clutch protectively at his throat. “Of the myriad distractions you’ve employed to avoid finishing your paperwork, this was certainly the drollest.”


“Huh?” Renji was understandably confused.


Byakuya then turned his back on the younger man and began smoothing and re-organizing his own paperwork into neat little stacks.


“The unintelligent, braying sounds you make are reminiscent of herd animals.” The Kuchiki sounded bored. “I should not need a shepherd’s hook, or, for that matter, a cattle prod, to corral my fukutaichou into finishing simple paperwork.”


“You have one hour to finish the remainder of your reports.” Byakuya waved one gloved hand absently over his shoulder. “Go. You are dismissed.” 


Renji just stood there, mouth agape. He wasn’t dead? Taichou was…letting him go?


Clearly, Kuchiki taichou didn’t consider him to be a threat. The poised shinigami had demonstrated yet again that he was acutely faster and stronger. He’d neutralized Renji with one quick and deadly move. Further effort would have been “unnecessary.”  


Renji’s mind was reeling. He was humbled by the proud noble’s effortless strength. And yet, he was sort of pissed that the quick-tempered man couldn’t even be bothered to give the unruly redhead a proper thrashing.


Renji scowled and clenched his teeth. “Che. He’s got too much pride to even fuckin’ acknowledge that I snuck in ‘ere an’ spanked his ‘untouchable’ royal ass. Gonna dismiss the whole damn thing the same way he dismisses me. Like it don’t matter. Like I don’t matter…”


He bent down to snatch up Zabimaru, glowering at Byakuya’s poised posterior.


To his astonishment, the dignified heir leaned over the massive desk, reaching for a piece of paper that had fluttered to the far edge. If Renji didn’t know better, it would appear that his stoic taichou was making a conscious, exaggerated display of bending over.


Renji blinked. “Da fuck?” he thought. “Did taichou just wiggle his ass?” He blinked again as Byakuya stood on his tiptoes to reach another far-flung scrap of paper. Renji left Zabimaru on the ground, rising cautiously, wholly confused by this suggestive and very un-Byakuya-like behavior.


“Am I readin’ this right?” Renji pulled his hair out of his eyes and chewed on his bottom lip. “S’almost like he wants me to spank ‘im again.” He sent a few questioning tendrils of reiatsu toward the strange man.


Byakuya answered with a dash of flippant reiatsu that was haughty, smug, and mocking. In essence, it said, “You wouldn’t dare.”


Renji sucked in his breath, wide eyes glued—once again—to the noble’s curvy bottom. 


“Hot damn…” he thought, “Pretty boy likes it rough, eh?”


The impulsive redhead wasn’t the type to back down from a dare—especially one as lascivious as this.


Fresh desire raked through his loins. Renji tossed his crimson mane and lunged at his captain.


This pic was a true find. So perfect the way Bya has one hand on Renji's wrist, the other in his hair. It's uncanny how well it goes with part 3 of this fic. Great minds think alike.

Dedicated to gogo's garufurendo greenhillsmadam. Our xxx, yaoi/yuri, smut-filled conversations gave gogo the idea for this story and many other happy plot bunnies.

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