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22 June 2007 @ 12:15 am
Ways of Binding, Part 3  

What:  Ways of Binding, Part 3
Who:  Byakuya x Renji
R for yaoi, limes, hot bodies, angst, cursing, sexual situations,
None, really. Just SS stuff.
Don't own Bleach or any of these hot, hot boys. Just like to play with them.

Summary: Byakuya starts to get, er, friendly. Can Renji trust him? Maybe the noble needs to get spanked more often. (And see why that icon goes so well with the story)

Renji might have hesitated, had he seen the sadistic smirk that contorted Byakuya’s tragic “death mask” into a grotesque semblance of comedy. Then again, Renji would probably sacrifice a finger or two just to see an honest expression (any expression) on Kuchiki taichou’s atrophied features.

“Fool,” Byakuya thought as he spun around, catching his fiery fukutaichou in mid-pounce. He latched on to the redhead’s tattooed forearm and thick bicep, whirling them both around until it was Renji that slammed into the unforgiving edge of the heirloom desk.

Renji didn’t have time to think. When he clasped the edge of the desk for purchase, steely fingers immediately wrapped around his wrists like handcuffs. He arched reflexively, propelling himself forward into Byakuya’s rigid embrace.

The imperious scion leaned into his captive’s broad chest, gently rubbing his smooth, ivory cheek against the heated muscles in Renji’s neck. The redhead stiffened and shrunk back unconsciously from this unexpected caress.

“Gods…” Renji thought, as the kenseikan scraped gently against his throat. “Just breathe…kuso…breathe!” Whatever he’d expected taichou to do…it wasn’t this….

Abarai Renji always acted on instinct and impulse. He’d survived this long by listening to his gut—the consequences be damned. But just then his gut was a boiling cauldron of confusion, longing, apprehension, and innate defiance.

He squeezed his eyes shut and bit down hard on his lower lip with enough force to draw blood as silky strands of onyx hair and soft, teasing breaths tickled the cords of his neck.

“Dammit,” he thought, as he tried to breathe just a bit deeper—anything to temper his frenzied heart. “Isn’t this what I wanted? Then why…why don’t it feel right?” He’d faced Kuchiki taichou in battle with the strength and determination of a seasoned warrior, but now…here…. A sour jolt of adrenalin-fueled nausea caused him to nearly gag.

As if in answer, the great noble nuzzled his beautiful face into the pliant muscle just above the redhead’s collarbone and inhaled deeply…once…twice….

“Kami…bet he can smell my fear.” With that thought, Renji imagined his frantic, traitorous heart finally pounding itself out of his ribcage—only to twitch and flop about pitifully; smearing sticky, tainted blood all over taichou’s pristine hardwood floor. 

The jaded, streetwise part of Renji screamed that this ill-gotten moment of affection was nothing more than a trap. The ever-buoyant part of him countered that the guarded noble needed these “games” to justify such physical contact.       

The iron grip on Renji’s wrists tightened.

“Renji….” The noble’s voice was impossibly deep and slow. So there was a different Byakuya behind the marble death mask.… A very seductive Byakuya….

Renji didn’t know what to do with the Kuchiki taichou who was ghosting the tip of his aristocratic nose up Renji’s neck until his cruel lips were just under the redhead’s fleshy earlobe.

“Mmmm.” Byakuya leaned into his subordinate; his warm breath instantly reinvigorating Renji’s arousal.

Gahh!” Renji somehow managed to choke and gasp. He tried not to flinch as those pale, beautiful lips “Mmmm’ed” seductively against the fevered pulse point just below his ear.

“Shit…What now??” It wasn’t that the tattooed firebrand was a virgin—far from it. Renji was quite the experienced lover. It’s just that this was no ordinary partner. This was him, Kuchiki Byakuya. Taichou. The man who meant everything to Renji.

Though Renji had been fantasizing about him for decades, reconciling the Kuchiki kami he’d placed on an unreachable ivory pedestal with the man who seemed to be breathing in his very essence was proving to be quite difficult.  

A playful smack on the ass was one thing…. The brawny fukutaichou wouldn’t have missed a beat if the Kuchiki had tried to smack him back. The former Rukongai ruffian was no stranger to manly feats of strength and testosterone-fueled skirmishes that evolved (or dissolved) into hot, sweaty, super-charged sex. 

But Byakuya was being so intimate and gentle, which was…strange…even a bit suspicious. His reiatsu felt nice, which was an odd way to describe anything having to do with aloof noble.

And while he wouldn’t say the fierce grip on his wrists was comfortable, Renji knew full well that Byakuya could squeeze much, much harder. Taichou’s soft caresses and barely-there kisses were scaring him shitless, making him nervous, confused, hesitant, distrustful, timid and a host of other things that were so not Abarai Renji.

He likened the feeling to the time that jackass Kurosaki Isshin decided it would be fun to teach Ichigo, Rukia, and him how to drive—all in one car, all in one day.

 Ichigo had scowled and stormed off after the first hour. Rukia had focused too much on her passengers; she almost rear-ended another car while fussing over Ichigo’s seatbelt. (Plus she was a horrible backseat driver…)

And Renji had continually flooded the engine; dousing it in fuel until it coughed, sputtered, and stalled. 

Likewise, his brain was sputtering and his body had nearly stalled. He’d just managed to hold his reiatsu in like a frickin’ champ, and now it was just gushing out all over the place. He needed to take a deep breath and calm the fuck down.

“Renji….” Byakuya leaned even closer. The redhead’s brain spun out of control as he felt those exquisite lips twist into something that might just…be…a…smile?

Kuso! Those are his lips? Gods, the feel of those lips. Unhh…. What…what should I do? I want this? (YES) And he wants this? ( Damn, I dunno know what he wants….) Gods… But why? Why now? (No. Don’t trust.) My name. He said my name. Again. My name. Answer him? Yes…. Just breathe….”

“H-hai, taichou,” Renji finally answered, surprised to hear his voice crack and recede to a shaky whisper after the first syllable.

Byakuya reacted immediately. His delicate lips parted into something that could honestly be construed as a small smile. His right hand released its death grip on the fukutaichou’s wrist in favor of the man’s meaty hip.

With one quick movement, Renji was perched on the very edge of the desk with Byakuya’s lean body in between his quivering legs. Renji’s body responded in turn. His heels snaked around taichou’s tight calves, pulling the smaller man closer. 

The young shinigami suddenly felt a little bit better. At least he’d done something.

“Mmmm, Renji….” This time, the deep, resonant voice sounded mildly amused. A pink, pointed tongue darted out to tease the tender earlobe, followed by the lightest grazing of sharp, ivory teeth. A beguiling reiatsu was slowly ghosting down his body from head to foot.

Renji’s breath was now coming in short, ragged gasps. The vice-like grip that had trapped his left wrist and hip now wandered into his thick mane of hair.

Renji guessed what was coming next. The hand would grip his hair and jerk his head back mercilessly, exposing the lifeblood that pumped frantically through his jugular and effectively claim him as the uke.

The streetwise shinigami didn’t notice the feral hiss that escaped his lips, nor did he notice how his neck and shoulders instinctively tensed against the claim that never came.

Instead of pulling and demanding, Byakuya’s elegant fingers simply combed through the sweaty, scarlet mess of hair. The fingers were far from gentle; yet, neither were they unnecessarily harsh. After four or five long strokes, a smooth, cool thumb came to rest against his temple.

Against his better judgment—or, rather, against the warning still percolating in his gut—Renji leaned into the caress. 

Instead of yanking backwards, the long fingers grasped a fistful of blood-red hair and pulled the young shinigami even closer, so that their bodies were nearly flush against each other.

Byakuya pulled his lips away from the tattooed neck, but maintained his proximity to the fukutaichou’s sensitive ear.

Somehow, Renji already knew that the ice-lord’s soft, barely-there smile had contorted to a haughty sneer.

“Abarai fukutaichou…” The voice was low, gravely, and cynical. It sounded sexy, though Renji honestly couldn’t tell if the Kuchiki was growling or laughing at him.

“Over the years, I have become accustomed to you kissing my ass. Now, you seem quite insistent on spanking it. I dare say that I’m hard pressed to decide which displeases me more.”

To emphasize his point, Byakuya tugged on the thick red hair and rolled his hips forward.

Ooh-ahhh.” Renji couldn’t stifle a throaty moan as something very hard pressed against his neglected arousal.

“Wait…” he wondered, all but panting as he eagerly tried to return the favor. “Did taichou jus’ make an…nnggh!...innuendo?! Hard pressed. Ha. That was unexpected.” 

Truth be told, the Kuchiki’s cheeky innuendo was nothing compared to the blissful jolts of needy, hungry pleasure that coursed through Renji’s body as his taichou’s graceful hips brought their arousals together in what could only be described as an erotic dance. Now that was unexpected.

Byakuya continued to do the bulk of the grinding, though he didn’t seem to mind. Nor, really, did Renji. As it was, he couldn’t move freely with the sharp edge of the desk digging into his rear. His hands remained at his sides, not having moved since Kuchiki taichou threw him against the desk. Though he yearned to get his hands on the aristocrat’s sweet, supple ass, Renji figured it was best to stay put.

Plus, it was taking a considerable amount of energy not to moan like a cat demon in heat. The way the normally cold, stoic, reserved, aloof, prissy and proper noble was gliding and grinding on his body was just un-fucking-believable.

Who knew that standard shinigami hakamas were tailor made for this sort of thing? The loose, thin material provided a delicious amount of friction.

Renji could feel an intense heat coming through the hakama from the core of taichou’s manhood. His member felt long and was so damn hard. Ridiculously hard. A veritable pillar of strength, just like the man it belonged to.

had already given the Kuchiki heir's length a nickname. He called it "the ivory tower."

"Shoulda known that everything about that man would be hard, serious, and ready for action," the plucky redhead chuckled to himself as he worried his bottom lip with his teeth to keep from moaning.

For years...no, decades...Renji had been thinking long and hard (usually when he was alone) about the relative length and heft of his taichou's other, smaller, more personal sword.

Now, he had a pretty good idea of the Kuchiki's basic form and would be able to equip his fantasties likewise.

Wait. Fantasies?

Fuck that.

Renji's fantasy was here, now, in the flesh, in Renji's arms.... Sort of. 

Well right then, anyway, Renji's pale-skinned, dark-haired fantasy snapped his hips forward like a cracking whip...again and again and again...until the redhead's knees threatened to give out.

If this is what happened when Kuchiki taichou got spanked, Renji could imagine how he would react to having his hair pulled. The enigmatic aristocrat didn’t seem opposed to hot wax, either…. 

For whatever reason, be it possessiveness, dominance, insecurity, or some social awkwardness known only to those of grand status and enormous wealth, Byakuya maintained his crushing grip on the tattooed shinigami—even though they both knew the younger man wasn’t going anywhere.

After “shhh’ing” Renji three times, Byakuya released the fistful of crimson hair (making a mental note of how much the brute liked having his hair pulled) in favor of wrapping his fingers around the fukutaichou’s bulging forearm. His left hand moved to Renji’s right hip, strong fingers kneading the muscular curve of his ass.

While Renji had been struggling to stifle his moans (they were, after all, in Byakuya’s office…) and keep his reiatsu from spiking out of control, Sixth division’s elegant leader had been daintily licking his fukutaichou’s sweaty sternum, breathy little pants escaping frequently from his lips.

After shifting his grip, Byakuya turned his head and practically melted into Renji’s body. The noble’s left cheek was flat against Renji’s heaving chest, the new position somehow allowing his movements to become more intimate, fluid, and sensual.

Words alone could not describe how good it felt to Renji. “The way he moves…. It f-feels so…. Unggh! Oh Gods…It’s like…l-like a dance…. Like we’re dancing….”

Nnggh! Damn, taichou!”




Had he been with anyone other than the Kuchiki heir, the ballsy redhead would have had every piece of clothing on the floor in a matter of seconds. Yet here they were, completely dressed, touching each other in a way that was more chaste than lewd—if one considers what two men can do sans clothing. And it felt incredible. This was, without a doubt, the most erotic thing Renji had ever done with his clothes on. Fuck…it was one of the most erotic things he’d done, ever.

Only Kuchiki Byakuya could turn a frenetic bought of dry humping into a passionate pas de deux.

Renji suddenly felt guilty for not doing more to return the incredible friction. He wasn’t used to playing such a passive role and he didn’t want to come off as a selfish or unskilled lover….
e H

Which, he knew, was stupid to even think about, because this man was not his lover.

This man, whose beautiful, lithe body was molded so perfectly to his, was not his lover. The sinuous hips that slithered over his body…teasing…stroking…bringing the two aching arousals together for a final dance of passion…. These hips were not his lover’s; nor was the hard, hot length arching proudly between them.

This man, with the so-soft skin and silky black hair…this man, whose very presence made Renji’s strong legs quiver with need…was not, and would never be, his lover.

When Renji tried to rest his chin on the soft head of hair, he’d encountered the cold, hard truth of the kenseikan. The magnitude of the metal hairpiece was a sobering reminder that the sexy creature nestled between his legs was a far cry from his easy shinigami lovers and dirty Rukongai flings.

This man was the Kuchiki heir, and, more importantly, greatest leader in the clan’s long history. This man was the essence of nobility, the embodiment of grace, poise, and elegance. The way he talked…the way he moved…the flawless marble features that must have been carved by the gods themselves…. He was, in Renji’s mind, a superior being.

But that wasn’t why Renji revered this man…why his life’s goal, the driving force that kept him going, was to someday reach him—really reach him—and then surpass him.

This man was the ultimate shinigami. Renji knew that if he ever beat this man, it would be through sheer force of energy and brute strength, not skill or spirit energy or swordsmanship. The man was power. Effortless power. Complete power.

This man.  Kuchiki Byakuya. Sixth division’s taichou. His taichou.

The man here…. Moving like that…. Over his skin…. Stroking him…. Between his legs…. Against his cock…

“Gods, taichou…” he breathed.

He was about to come. Hard.

Renji desperately wanted to move his free hand over to Byakuya’s hip or bury it in the long, ebony locks that smelled of vanilla and sandalwood. Touching his taichou in return—even if it meant just holding a bit of his haori—would be enough to push Renji over the edge.

The moment Renji started peel his fingers off the edge of the desk, Byakuya rolled his agile hips back and stepped neatly away from the gasping shinigami. He even relinquished his grip on the younger man. 

Renji choked out a noise that began as an aggravated growl-meets-groan and ended as a needy whimper. That exquisite feeling of bliss…. He’d been mere seconds away from what was sure to be one of those Top 10 Orgasms of all time.

“No! But…w-why, taichou? What’s wrong?” Renji’s voice hitched as his body reeled from the abrupt loss of touch, warmth, and pleasure. “Why did ya pull away? I was s-so close.”

“Obviously,” the other answered. His voice was calm and just a touch bored and his reiatsu was carefully neutral. Renji recognized the subtle look of amusement on an otherwise serene face as an expression the Kuchiki reserved just for him.

“But why? It was so damn good….” Renji hated being confused. He reached out, desperate to have Byakuya pressing into him again. He already missed the feel of those steely fingers on his wrists, hip, and hair, not to mention the way his whole body was starting to shake from the loss of those magic hips and the wicked length between them.

Byakuya grabbed Renji’s wrist, bending it sharply and pressing down hard on the joint. It hurt.

“Don’t,” was all the imperious aristocrat said, referring to the physical action as well as the questioning tendrils of reiatsu Renji had directed his way. The Kuchiki’s lips pursed into a hard, thin line as he returned Renji’s hand to the edge of the desk.

The young shinigami averted his gaze. He didn’t want to look at taichou’s eyes just then, afraid they’d already be covered in ice.

In an instant, Byakuya had shifted from man-in-the-throes-of-passion to pissy, proper ice-price. His hair was a bit mussed and his skin held a healthy glow, but there was nothing that alluded to the carnal pleasures the men had been enjoying just moments before.

Regardless of what the great and powerful Kuchiki heir might say now, Renji had felt the man’s arousal continue to harden—almost to the point of no return. Some harder friction and faster, snappier movements had spurred Renji on, but also told him that Byakuya was not far behind.

So then what the fuck happened?

Renji looked down as his hand was placed at the edge of the desk. It looked dirty and uncouth under the noble’s pristine porcelain skin.

“Oh,” Renji thought. “Maybe that’s it. He didn’t want to dirty himself with me. Didn’t want the shame of sharin’ somethin’ like that with someone like me.” 

The redhead gripped the desk obediently, allowing curtains of crimson hair to cover his face and hide his own shame. Now there was a toxic throbbing in his heart to match the pain that pulsed through the core of his manhood as his erection slowly surrendered.

He knew Kuchiki taichou was standing near him, as if waiting for the younger man to do or say something, but it took a moment for him to register the cool hand that was still on his wrist.

Renji kept his eyes trained on the floor. “What happened, taichou? Why did ya stop? Was it...'cause of me?” His heart sank a bit more when the elegant fingers left his wrist.

Byakuya sighed. “Yes,” he said simply, “It was because of you.”


This pic was a true find. So perfect the way Bya has one hand on Renji's wrist, the other in his hair. Was thrilled, because it feels like a scene straight outta this fic. It's uncanny... Great minds think alike. Whoever the artist is...big yaoi kisses from gogo. * le sigh*

Dedicated to gogo's garufurendo Marissa-chan.

be: sleepysleepy
Nikyoverlordniky on June 22nd, 2007 08:48 am (UTC)
...I think I need a cold shower.

And they were fully clothed too.

I loved Byakuya's little “Over the years, I have become accustomed to you kissing my ass. Now, you seem quite insistent on spanking it. I dare say that I’m hard pressed to decide which displeases me more.” bit.
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 22nd, 2007 08:54 am (UTC)
Thnxxx! I'm about to pop back in there and do a few edits. Wanted to describe the wealthiest cock in Soul Society a little better. Sooo,chk back l8tr if you want. Thanks for reading. xoxo
Katie: Renji and Byakuyakatiefoolery on June 22nd, 2007 09:33 am (UTC)
Oooh, that was so evil of Byakuya. I need to know what happens next right now... but, uh, that's a bit pushy of me, considering you just posted this.
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 22nd, 2007 09:37 am (UTC)
And I'm still editing it! xoxo. No worries, I have most of the nxt chappie done. That's why this one ends so abruptly. Yes, evil, but he has his reasons. He always does. Thnxxx for reading.

煌王 [The Sparkle Queen]shinimegami21 on June 22nd, 2007 10:12 am (UTC)
AAAAAAAH! this was really good! and i got finished readin the other chapter too! oh...i cant wait til the next one! >.< hurryyyyy!

i see ur usin mah words LOL ^^! garufurendo! yokattaaaaaaa! (im glaaaaaad!**)
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 22nd, 2007 10:18 am (UTC)
Thanks, luv. See, now you know why I was askin'.

Fierydragonsky: Z - Bleach - Ichigo Bankaifierydragonsky on June 22nd, 2007 11:58 am (UTC)
Great. Gonna be late for work now. Heh.

I've been looking forward to this next installment for a while. Now I'm looking forward to the following one!
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 22nd, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
Next one is 3/4 of the written, so it won't take me another month to do. THANK YOU so much for sticking with this story. I want to make it funny, sweet, and smutty. So glad you like it!
Jo: Renjiratherbe4gotten on June 22nd, 2007 01:50 pm (UTC)
I just read the first two of these the other day ^__^ but how can you leave it there, the second chapter cliffhanger was bad enough! Neeeeed more...

This was one of the best scenes between these to that I've read!
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 22nd, 2007 10:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks!! Thanks very much. Love your icon, by the way. Next chapter should be done pretty quick. I gotta get these boys outta Bya's office at some point. (Or maybe they can...)

"This was one of the best scenes between these to that I've read!"-- that means the world to me, thank you!
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Joy: byakuya and renji are kissingjoyinthedance on June 22nd, 2007 06:07 pm (UTC)
Hotness hotness hotness hotnessssssss!

That was wonderful, and lived up to all my expectations. Renji's thoughts are so cute, too. The ivory tower? LOL.
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 22nd, 2007 10:40 pm (UTC)
THANKS, friend! "The ivory tower"--silliness. xoxox

OK. Now that this chapter is up, you know what I'm working on this weekend. Fresh Ink all the way. And I mean that...all the way... (wink wink). I'll be emailing you this weekend w. thoughts n' other stuff.
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Tonic: Drool.gogodgene on June 23rd, 2007 04:22 am (UTC)
Byakuya you son of a bitch. How dare you stop a good thing? D:

The writing was impeccable (what am I talking about, it was fucking great), and the scenes were hot (they didn't have their clothes off). Can't wait to read the next.
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 23rd, 2007 07:51 am (UTC)
Thanks, luv. Means a lot, coming from you. Clothes will be comin' off in next chapter. So glad I tempted (prodded) you to read my stuff. You know I LOVE your writing.
chloevienchloevien on June 23rd, 2007 11:06 pm (UTC)
Ways of Binding? Dear, you got me already since the 1st chapter:)
Hmm..... this chapter is hot like hell:)
Lots of yaoi love for you:)
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 23rd, 2007 11:10 pm (UTC)
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was hoping you'd read and hoping it would be to your liking. Next chapter will be steamy, tho in a rather unexpected way. I'll also be adding pics w. each update, thanks in part to ratherbe4gotten. Visuals just make it extra tasty. I'm so glad people like this story. There's much more to come (and I mean that sexually and non). xoxoxo
lacyreliclacyrelic on June 23rd, 2007 11:34 pm (UTC)
that b***ard. someone should throw an enraged kitti in his hair. How dare he mess with Ren-chan's emotions.

On another note, I love what you have done with the story (though I really want to read one where Renji and not Kuya is torturing the other). I will be waiting for the next installment.
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 23rd, 2007 11:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the good words. Yes, Bya is a bastard, but... he has his reasons. And they're not what Renji is currently thinking. Of course, Bya's not very good at any type of social interaction, especially one that's so twisted and taboo.

And don't worry, this story is about a give and take between the two. Trust that I love Ren-chan too much to let him be down and out for long. Currently, Renji has no idea how much Byakuya is tortured by his mere presence. More on that in the next chapter... xoxo
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Emo Ginemokid_ginlove on June 24th, 2007 11:01 pm (UTC)
Ahhh! SO SAD! Man Bya can be so mean to little Renji!! But I love this chapter like all the others!

Love ya Emo Gin
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 24th, 2007 11:49 pm (UTC)
Hey, Emokid!! Sankyuu for reading and commenting. It SEEMS like Bya's being mean, but I swear it will all make sense in next chapter. Bya enjoys provoking Renji and gettin' a "rise" out of him.
kaphinated: renjikaphinated on June 25th, 2007 11:08 am (UTC)
well that was knicker soddening. well done you, even if I think my good down low ache probably pales into insignificance next to Renji's. hehehe. Torturing my my redheaded squeeest seems to be in fashion atm. lol.
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 25th, 2007 12:22 pm (UTC)
Oh my sweet, crazy K8! Yay. Thanks for reading, luv (I've only been pestering you for days). It's a cliffy hanger, no doubt, and I wouldn't have named the fic Ways of Binding if there wasn't gonna be some smexy torture. But don't forget that your fave redhead did just give the ice-prince the spankin' of the century. And nothin' keeps that rogue redhead down for long, ne?
interestingliveinterestinglive on June 26th, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)
I just started reading this fic. I adore it. Its fun yet angsty and I can't wait for the next update!
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 26th, 2007 02:11 am (UTC)
And I adore you for reading it. Next update coming this week.
Thanxxx again. Much Bya-Ren and Ren-Bya yaoi love for you.
dark_malignity: MINE!!!!dark_malignity on June 29th, 2007 06:22 pm (UTC)
omg.. hot! dying for more.... suspense!! ARRRGH!
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on June 29th, 2007 08:50 pm (UTC)
Hello!! Next chapter is nearly done. I'll have more up by the end of the weekend, for sure. Glad you're enjoying the story. And soooooo happy you think it's hot!! I aim to please (even when Bya doesn't)
Daydreamer: byakuyadreamingallday on July 2nd, 2007 07:00 pm (UTC)
This is really great and I love Byakuya more with every chapter (even though he tortures Renji so much ^^' but in a very nice was hehe) But hopefully Renji will get in the next chapter what he wants too ^^
And I love how you write Renji and his thoughts <3
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on July 2nd, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)
THANK YOU for the comment! Well, Bya's got issues. He wants something outta Renji, but he's gonna make him work for it. And Renji's probably not going to get what he wants by smackin' taichou on the ass (not yet, anyway). I'm into 50/50 uke/seme for a lot of pairings...so...yeah... For the next chapter...well, they finally take their clothes off...
X-Dressing Seme: renji a real manquiltedelf on July 3rd, 2007 01:10 pm (UTC)
For years...no, decades...Renji had been thinking long and hard (usually when he was alone) about the relative length and heft of his taichou's other, smaller, more personal sword.

Heh! Heh! Heh! I know what your feeling mate, I've been a wondering about that meself!

Perfect! I love this story, especially the spanking!!! A beautiful blend of angst, humour and just sheer devilry!!! What a beautiful combination.

Thanks for the pleasure!!!
Gogo: Bindinggogo_ergo_sum on July 3rd, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you!! Will think of you next time I spend some time with the green fairy. Actually, I was drinking absinthe when I wrote part of this chapter. Always happy to connect w. people who enjoy wicked Bya and perverted Renji. *sighs*
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