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06 July 2007 @ 05:10 pm
June flashfic: Kaien x Byakuya  
What:  REALLY late June flashfic, requested by gingersandwich
Who:  Kaien x Byakuya
Title: "Much to Learn"
Warnings/Ratings:  R, lots of limes, pretty much PWP
Disclaimer:  Kubo owns these beautiful boys. I just play with them.
By:  gogochan

Planning to write a longer version of this with a nice lemon, or perhaps a sequel... Byakuya and Kaien...so yummy....
And for everyone who says my Bya is too mean (or too seme) well...just read....

The servant arranged the tea service for two on the low table. Silence from her master meant that everything was to his liking. She bowed stiffly and departed silently.

Kuchiki Byakuya felt his guest approaching long before actually hearing him. He didn’t look up until the other man flopped down with a causal grace, seating himself on the other side of the small tea table.

Byakuya’s face remained expressionless as he caught the other man’s blue-green eyes. He began methodically pouring tea, his hands so accustomed to the ritual that he could have done it in his sleep. 

“I am pleased you could join me, Shiba fukutaichou.…” the Kuchiki heir said in his deep, velvety monotone.

The other man rolled his eyes and let his mouth widen into a grin. “I’m pleased that you asked, Byakuya.…” 

He accepted a cup of tea as the noble regarded him with one arched eyebrow.

“C’mon… When have we ever been so formal?” The spiky-haired man chuckled. It had been years since he’d been able to tease the icy noble in such a manner.

“Time has passed. Things have changed between us, Shiba,” the Kuchiki responded before pursing his lips into a thin, straight line.

Kaien made a clicking sound with his tongue. Typical Byakuya… One would think that he was the elder of the two. “Some things never change,” he retorted, looking the younger man straight in the eye.

Byakuya met his gaze but was the first to break eye contact. “I…wish to...thank you for training Rukia,” he said. “I know that you have been making a special effort to work with her and improve her combat skills.” Byakuya spoke more to his teacup than he did to his guest.

“Sure…” Kaien said, his grin widening into a full-on smile. “She’s a good kid, Byakuya. She’ll be an excellent shinigami once she trusts her own skills.”

“Plus…” the Shiba’s voice was thick with mischief. “It’s the least I can do for you, 'Kuya…”

Byakuya’s eyes widened, though his face remained impassive.

“Yes...” Kaien leaned forward on the on the table. His warm smile twisted into a rakish grin. “It’s the least I can do to thank you for the all the special training you’ve given me. I was your senpai, and quite the prodigy, and yet…you showed me that I still had much to learn….”

Had Kuchiki Byakuya been any other man, he surely would have been blushing at this point.

“Do you remember, how thorough you were in your lessons? And how hard I tried to please you?” Kaien asked. He tilted his head in faux-expectancy, as though the other man would really answer this line of questioning.

Byakuya said nothing, though Kaien could see that the younger man was struggling to maintain his perfect composure. Only someone who knew the reserved noble intimately would have recognized the minute signs of his perturbation.

Kaien sat forward on his knees, bringing his face less than a foot away from Byakuya’s. Warm, liquid eyes looked straight into hard, icy granite. “I remember how patient you were with me.… You were a very good instructor…. Though I expected nothing less from the great Kuchiki heir.”

Kaien’s sea-green eyes twinkled. He placed his teacup on the far side of the table and shoved the tea service out of his way, never once breaking eye contact. “I also remember how the more I learned, and the more we practiced, the more impatient you’d become….”

His full lips were now only inches from Byakuya’s.

His eyelids began to droop as his gaze shifted to the noble’s delicate mouth.

“I’ve improved so much since then, Byakuya-sama.…” the Shiba clansman’s voice was low and insinuating.

The moment the pale lips parted in a silent gasp, Kaien sprang over the table, tackling the smaller man in one swift move.

Byakuya’s willowy frame hit the floor with a thud, his teacup rolling out of his hand as Kaien straddled his waist and pinned his long arms to the ground.

Before the noble could register anything other than surprise, Kaien swooped down and covered his mouth in an aggressive kiss, sighing in contentment when he felt the other man begin to yield. Tongues that hadn’t tasted each other in decades met tentatively as the men became intimately reacquainted.

Kaien loosened his grip on Byakuya’s arms in order to thread one hand through the soft raven hair.

Byakuya tensed his shoulders and clenched his fists. Things had changed, and this was wrong on so many levels… They were no longer youthful playmates or horny young shinigami. They were grown men—married men—in positions of leadership and authority. The Kuchiki heir had distanced himself more and more as he rose in rank and status. To be the head of the true first of the four great noble houses was to be without peers…and without extraneous lovers.

Still…the head of the Shiba clan had never been far from his mind and there was no one else that Byakuya would entrust with his adopted sister’s safety.

Elegant hands found their way to Kaien’s taut waist. Kaien wondered for a moment if Byakuya might try to throw him off. He deepened the kiss and lightly caressed the soft hair that connected the raven locks to the noble's elegant neck. Strong fingers clenched the Shiba’s sides in apparent indecision, but then moved to languidly stroke his broad, muscular back.

The weight of the heavier man against his chest forced Byakuya to break the kiss.

“Kaien…” he gasped, his smooth voice reduced to nothing more than a strained whisper.

“Look at that….” replied the rogue Shiba softly, “You remember how to say my given name after all….” 

He braced his arms on either side of Byakuya’s head, burning the image of the 'true first’s' swollen, parted lips and half-lidded eyes into his memory. He scooted his hips back a few inches, instantly rewarded by the telltale twitching of Byakuya’s semi-erect member. 

“That’s more like it,” Kaien thought, lowering himself for another kiss.

The Kuchiki slipped one hand in between them and pushed against Kaien’s mouth in protest.

“Don’t…” he said with as much force as he could muster.

Kaien grabbed the hand and pulled two long, slender fingers into his mouth. He sucked wantonly, pulling them deeper into his throat, and teasing in between them with his tongue.

Byakuya’s platinum eyes rolled back into his head. This time, he covered his own mouth in an effort to conceal a throaty moan.

“I want to…” Kaien murmured as he scraped his teeth against the sensitive pads of the noble’s flawless fingers.

Byakuya wrenched his hand away from Kaien’s sinful tongue. “No…” he said, trying his best to feign indifference, “This cannot continue.” He looked away, unnerved by the passion in the other’s eyes. “We have…commitments…. I will not dishonor my wife nor shame myself and the Kuchiki name by giving in to base needs and vulgar urges.” 

“I mean no disrespect to Hisana-san,” Kaien answered quietly, “But you’re not married anymore, and you can’t honestly tell me that a large part of you doesn’t want this.” His voice dropped in volume with each word. “I know you want this, Byakuya.… I can feel it in your body.… I can hear it in your voice…. And I can see it in your cold, lonely eyes....”

Byakuya narrowed those eyes and gripped Kaien’s chiseled shoulders as if to push the larger man away. Kaien responded by leaning into the steely grip and rocking his pelvis back and forth. Two sets of eyes—one warm, one cold—began to glaze over as both arousals swelled and stiffened from the rough, graceless friction.

“But what of…Miyako?” Byakuya protested. “What of your wife?”

“But what of you and I?” Kaien responded, bracing himself on one arm to slowly pull the heirloom ginpaku kazahana no uzuginu away from Byakuya’s neck. This brash Shiba clansman was probably the only person who could touch the precious scarf and get away with it.

“I love Miyako, just as you loved Hisana,” he continued. “But long before they came into our lives…. You were mine.…” He tossed the silk scarf out of their way and caressed the noble’s long, supple neck.

Byakuya’s iron grip on his shoulders remained firm. The Kuchiki scion looked straight into those sea-green eyes. “Do not forget, Shiba…that long before I let you claim me…” His low, velvet voice was laced with desire. “You…were…mine….”

I could never forget…” was all Kaien had time to say before he was pulled into a fierce, passionate kiss. This time there was no hesitation; no holding back. Tongues danced in tandem, then battled for dominance. Fingers roamed over necks and shoulders before threading into jet-black hair; tugging and twisting as the kiss grew more intense. Teeth nipped at sensitive ears and chewed on tumid lips. Hips aligned and quickly found a familiar rhythm, as if their bodies had been apart for two days instead of 200 years.

The need for air eventually forced them to break the kiss. They gasped for breath, regarding each other with mutual ardor and awe.

Kaien sat up and trailed two fingers from the hollow of Byakuya’s throat to the sash at his waist, grinning all the while like the cat that ate the canary.

“Wait, where’s Rukia?” he asked suddenly.

“I arranged for her to be away this afternoon,” Byakuya replied calmly, “I did not want her to be concerned by your presence.”

“Uh huh…” Kaien’s grin twisted into a knowing smirk. “And where are all the servants? It sure is quiet around here…quieter than usual, I mean.”

Byakuya sighed. “Several of them are with Rukia, assisting her with large purchases for her bedroom.”

Kaien burst out laughing. “You really wanted to ensure our privacy, eh?”

The Kuchiki heir found it unnecessary to dignify that comment with a response.
“I’m not complaining…” the 'lesser noble' said as he yanked the top portion of Byakuya’s shihakushou out of his hakama, parting the voluminous material to reveal the 'true first’s' creamy white skin.

“After all these years…” A blunt fingernail grazed over a light pink nipple. “You’re still unbelievably sexy.” A hot tongue snaked out to toy with the other rosy nub.

“And you are still…quite reckless,” Byakuya hissed, arching his back in pure pleasure.

“And you still like it…” Kaien countered, creeping slowly down the lithe, lean torso, leaving a trail of fevered kisses and nips in his wake.

Mmmm,” Sixth division’s powerful taichou acquiesced with a throaty purr.

The elder man swirled and dipped his talented tongue into the petite belly button, smiling as the younger man rewarded him with a gasp.

Byakuya lifted himself onto his elbows as his once-and-future lover moved steadily south. Kaien regarded his regal companion with impish eyes as he took one end of the white sash in his mouth, pulling until the perfect bow came undone. He then grasped the loosened hakama between his teeth and began tugging the dampened material off of Byakuya’s slender hips. Kaien hovered over the noble’s throbbing erection, closing his eyes in utter bliss as he inhaled the intoxicating scent of the other’s arousal.

Kaien could feel Byakuya quivering beneath him. With an impatient growl, he released the hakama from his mouth, grasping handfuls of black fabric and pulling impatiently until he’d freed Byakuya’s straining erection.

The Shiba’s jaw dropped open briefly, before twisting into a delighted smirk. “When did you stop wearing fundoshi?” he teased.

“Mmm…back when a certain someone would impatiently rip each one,” the Kuchiki replied mildly, gifting his senpai with a rare and rather sly little smile.

Kaien shook his spiky head, his heart beating even faster as images of their many heated encounters flashed before his lust-glazed eyes. His attention quickly returned to the pulsing, dripping cock in front of him.

“Gods, Byakuya…” he groaned, grasping the proud length and eagerly dipping his tongue into the weeping slit, almost desperate to re-familiarize himself with the younger man’s unique taste.

Kaien...” Byakuya moaned, his hips jerking as his long fingers clenched and unclenched, grasping uselessly at the floor.

Hearing his name spoken that way caused the last fiber of Kaien’s restraint to snap. Even at the apex of their long affair, the reticent Kuchiki had rarely moaned so freely or wantonly.

Something inarticulate and primal slipped from Kaien’s mouth as he devoured the entirety of Byakuya’s long cock, surprised by how easy it was to suppress his gag reflex to swallow the sensitive tip…even after so many years. 

Unhh, Kaien…” Byakuya sat up involuntarily, fisting handfuls of tousled black hair, his chest heaving, the incredible feeling of hot, wet heat on his cock almost too much to bare. The cold, apathetic scion had not felt such pleasure in, well, centuries. 
Mmmhmm?” Kaien replied, his mouth somewhat full at the moment.

Byakuya threw his beautiful head back in a silent scream as the blissful tremors coursed through the very core of his body. Kaien yanked the baggy hakama down further so he could fondle the twin treasures underneath Byakuya’s pulsing arousal. He eased up on the suction, gliding his lips up and down over the entire length, tracing the thick vein with his tongue, and lapping at the salty pre-cum that seeped continuously from the slit.

The head of the Shiba clan was determined to coax more unfettered moans from the self-possessed Kuchiki. Kaien had always been dually fascinated and bothered by his lover’s ability to remain dignified and poised—even in the final throes of orgasmic passion. 
Kaien used his teeth to gently scrape at the heated flesh, removing his lips and tongue, knowing Byakuya would react to the loss of that wet, sensual heat. He couldn’t help but smile as porcelain fingers tugged insistently on his hair.

The clever Shiba traced lazy circles with the pad of his thumb over Byakuya’s sac as he moved a pointed knuckle into place behind the tightening pouch of skin. He held his lover’s cock with the very the tip of his lips for a moment more before swiftly engulfing it in one fluid motion. He pressed his knuckle up and in at the exact instant his throat muscles gripped the over-stimulated tip.

Byakuya’s head snapped forward, his eyes wide and unseeing as a piercing cry wrenched itself from his elegant lips. The unusual noise was followed by a low rumble of displeasure as Kaien painfully squeezed the base of his cock. He’d wanted to bring Byakuya to the edge, but wasn’t ready to take him over it just yet.

“Now who’s the impatient one?” the Shiba joked, admiring how the flush of lust gave his lover’s ivory skin an ethereal glow. Kaien quickly shrugged off his kimono as Byakuya caught his breath. He reclaimed his position between the Kuchiki’ willowy legs, eager to divest the man of his wrinkled hakama once and for all.

Byakuya ran his hands over his senpai’s sinewy shoulders and down the hard curves of his chest. The years had been kind to Kaien. His face retained its boyish charm, while rigorous training and active combat sculpted his body to muscular perfection.

Kaien leaned forward, ghosting his lips over Byakuya’s neck and throat. The pale taichou tilted his head, exposing more of his sensitive skin.

Byakuya sucked in his breath as Kaien grasped his aching arousal and bit into the muscle that joined his neck and shoulder. He arched willingly into the dual claims, but then froze as his icy eyes focused on something at the far end of the room.

“Stop…” he commanded, though it sounded more like a cough than a word. Kaien pulled away from the slender neck, though his calloused hand continued to gently stroke his lover’s hard length.

“No!” Kuchiki taichou’s voice was firm. And yet…he couldn’t resist reaching down to fondle the swollen girth still trapped in Kaien’s hakama.

Yes!” Kaien moaned and bucked his hips as his neglected member pulsed in Byakuya’s hand. He squeezed Byakuya’s length in response and quickened the pace of his strokes. The Kuchiki heir expertly teased his lover’s aching member through the coarse material made sticky with pre-cum.

Can’t…stop…now…” Kaien panted, leaning forward to capture the noble’s beautiful lips in a searing kiss.

“…Rukia…” Byakuya hissed just as their lips made contact.

That got Kaien’s attention.

“Gods!” he exclaimed, whipping around to follow Byakuya’s eyes. 

There was no one there.

“Was Rukia here? Did she see us?” Kaien tried to rub the fog of lust from his eyes.

“No…” Byakuya answered, his deep voice resonating with displeasure as he closed his white haori primly over his exposed flesh.

“Wait…what?” The elder man had every right to be confused.

“But she is due to return…rather soon…” the noble nodded, indicating the water-clock by the far wall. “We do not have much time.”

“How much time?” Kaien grunted.

“Fifteen minutes.” Byakuya pursed his lips into a hard line. “Perhaps…”

“That’ll work,” Kaien interrupted, abruptly pushing the noble back against the floor.

“She will sense your reiatsu…here…with mine….” Byakuya protested.

“So put up a barrier…jus’ like you do when you pleasure yourself, ‘Kuya.” Kaien laughed at the look of mild horror on the aristocrat’s face.

“This is reckless, Kaien….” The Shiba’s given name was only a breathy whisper as Byakuya’s hakama was finally torn away. The noble sat up to remove the rest of his clothing, refusing to let his haori be stripped from his body in such a manner.

“Baka! You’re wasting time,” Kaien complained, grabbing the taichou’s white haori and tossing it aside.

“Impertinent Shiba…” the heir scolded his senpai.

“Kuchiki-hime,” Kaien retorted as he clasped Byakuya’s waist and jerked the slender hips closer to his face.

Kaien cupped the supple swell of Byakuya’s ass in both hands as he licked the man’s cock from root to tip.

Byakuya fell back, catching himself on one elbow as he stared up at his lover in surprise. “What about…?”

“No time!” Kaien hissed, his lips, teeth, and tongue already working to gratify each and every solid inch, paying special attention to that spot just below the super-sensitive tip.

“Kaien….” the noble’s normally placid voice was husky…gravelly.

“Hush….” the Shiba mumbled, bathing his lover’s quivering arousal in wet heat before sucking him deep into his throat.
Byakuya threw his head back as Kaien pulled almost all the way up and then plunged back down to the hilt. Long, raven locks tossed back and forth as waves of pleasure crashed over the slender shinigami captain. He finally let his shoulders drop to the floor as he gave in to the rush of fire burning within his core
Byakuya dug his heels into the meaty muscle of Kaien’s ass as the spiky-haired brunette bobbed up and down on his cock.

Kaien freed one of hand from Byakuya’s butt and began stroking the base of his lover’s sleek cock while he tortured the tip with his lips and tongue. He let his index finger get nice and wet before moving the calloused pad to tease Byakuya’s tight entrance.

The Kuchki’s breath caught in his throat. He jerked his hips and wriggled forward, wanting more.

Kaien gave him more, pushing his rough finger into the tight, puckered entrance.

Byakuya hadn’t felt that sinfully intense friction in so very long. The frenetic race against time was proving to be a very powerful aphrodisiac as well.

Mmmm…ahh…Kaien….” he purred.

Kaien had to stop his oral ministrations for a moment to catch his breath.

“Damn, ‘Kuya,” he panted.  “You feel…so warm…so tight. Gods, I want to be in you.”

The urgency and longing in his lover’s voice just about sent Byakuya over the edge. The pleasure building up in his body was overwhelming. His long legs began to shake as Kaien worked his magic on Byakuya’s body, both inside and out.
And then, Kaien’s wicked finger found the secret little button that opens the floodgates of pure ecstasy. Byakuya’s eyes snapped open and his back arched beautifully off the floor as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through his heated body. His mouth opened in what should have been a scream, but only a soft, sensual “Ohhh” escaped from his delicate lips.

Kaien swallowed every bit of the release, closing his eyes at the breathy little noises Byakuya made as he came. He waited for Byakuya’s breathing to settle a bit before pulling away from his body.

Byakuya grabbed Kaien’s shoulders and hauled the larger man to his chest, embracing him tightly.

“Kaien…I…” was all he got to say before he was silenced him with a sloppy kiss.

“You'd better get dressed,” Kaien said, giving the flushed noble a quick wink.

Byakuya glanced over at the water-clock. He had just about six minutes to make himself  presentable. He probably reeked of sweat and sex and he could feel that the kenseiken was loose and crooked in his hair. He could only hope that Rukia would arrive a few minutes late. Then again, there was always the chance she might return home a few minutes early.

“Here….” A pile of clothing landed in Byakuya’s lap. Kaien was already tucking his gi into his hakama. Byakuya could see his neglected arousal still straining against the black cloth.

Kaien caught Byakuya’s eye and shrugged. “It couldn’t be helped. I guess it’s my penance for seducing the great Kuchiki heir.” His teal eyes twinkled like sunlight on the deepest sea. “Don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

“Che…damn you, Kuchiki,” Kaien had to chuckle at how Byakuya had dressed and regained his famous composure in less time than it took Kaien to tie his sash.

Byakuya closed the distance between himself and his childhood friend and former lover (current lover? future lover?) one last time. He took the sash from Kaien’s hands and deftly tied it in an elegant bow. Byakuya admired his handiwork, but then frowned, quickly undoing the bow and retying it in the messier fashion Kaien preferred.

“Again,” the noble murmured, eyes on his hands and the sash, “I thank you for taking a special interest in Rukia’s training. And…. I ask…” Byakuya’s voice trailed off uncertaintly. His eyebrows dipped slightly. Did he have a right to ask anything of Kaien?

Kain grabbed Byakuya's sculpted chin in his broad hand and brought the cool gray eyes level with his own.

“Say it!” Kaien’s grip wasn’t exactly gentle, but they didn’t have time for uncertainty, fear, or the Kuchiki’s fragile ego.

The noble took a deep breath, but kept his eyes steady. “I ask…that you keep me…informed…as to Rukia’s…progress….” The faintest trace of a flush warmed his white marble features.

“It would be my pleasure….” Kaien smiled for them both. He planted a chaste kiss on Byakuya’s smooth forehead. “Gotta go,” he whispered.

The Kuchiki heir nodded, his eyes pouring over his senpai's retreating form. The great noble cleared his throat just as the willful Shiba was about to disappear through the door. Kaien whipped his head around, not wanting to miss whatever parting gem Byakuya was about to bestow.

“Thank you, Shiba fukutaichou,” Byakuya said stiffly. 

Kaien rolled his eyes and smirked. Typical. “No problem, Byakuya….”

awesomeness colorbar for gogochan by antha_aryn. thnxxx!
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Katie: Can Ikkaku find Renji's lost contact?katiefoolery on July 7th, 2007 03:20 am (UTC)
That was a very nice thing to read first thing in the morning. :D I loved the characterisation - especially Kaien. Oh, and the smut - loved that, too.

This definitely feels like it needs a sequel. *nods*
Gogo: plotgogo_ergo_sum on July 7th, 2007 03:44 am (UTC)
Katie!! Thnxxx. Love your icon to DEATH. Where are you? It's a.m. for you? I'm gonna try to get the next Ways of Binding up first, then do a sequel for this, I think. It's nice to have some PWP in w. all the other angst. This was soooo fun to write.
(no subject) - katiefoolery on July 7th, 2007 04:50 am (UTC) (Expand)
Ann-chananiay on July 7th, 2007 07:07 am (UTC)
I'd never thought about this couple together but you make it sound almost perfect. Love the uke Byakuya to the death. *_* And i'm waiting for another chapter of Ways of Binding :D
Gogo: sakuragogo_ergo_sum on July 7th, 2007 07:16 am (UTC)
Oooh! Thank you!! This was a request, and I looove both characters, so it was very fun. I'm psyched to hear you've read Ways of Binding as well. Pls come leave me a comment so I can keep track of who has read what. So, you're an uke 'Kuya fan, hmmm? I like to write characters as being 50/50 uke/seme. Wait and see with Ways of Binding...
Serenia: Team Mindfuckserenia on July 7th, 2007 09:13 am (UTC)
Mmm-mmm-mmm, smut is good! Very enjoyable!
I love seeing Byakuya's calm aloofness shattered like that - I don't much care who does it! ;p
Gogo: ren-byagogo_ergo_sum on July 7th, 2007 09:17 am (UTC)
Thank you very much! I am whore for comments, so thnxxx so much for leaving one. Toying with Kuya-kun is absolutely one of my fave pastimes. I was planning a lemon for those two, but then realized I'd already written 10 pages and was so late in turning in the flashfic. But def. a lemon for 'Kuya soon!
Evil Dr Em: renji - Get over itevildrem on July 7th, 2007 09:59 am (UTC)
That was hot and I think you get inside Byakuya's head very well. I'd love to read a re-match between those two.

Fave line: "“Look at that….” replied the rogue Shiba softly, “You remember how to say my given name after all….”
Gogo: rukiagogo_ergo_sum on July 7th, 2007 10:03 am (UTC)
Re: Yummy!
Oh evil... we really are a pair... I have the same fab icon! Mmmm, Bya's head...wait, did you mean the head on his shoulders? Oops. I'm writing some Ren x Bya smut for a friend right now, then it's back to more...Bya smut. Fancy that! xoxoxo. Thnxxx for reading and commenting!
feathers_of_ice: wtf?!feathers_of_ice on July 7th, 2007 10:57 am (UTC)
i just died of nosebleed... it's your fault! yours alone! ....
Gogo: plotgogo_ergo_sum on July 7th, 2007 11:13 am (UTC)
Hello my Bya-Ren friend. Nice to mix it up with Kuya-kun every now and then, ne? Thnxxx for reading, love! Soooo glad you liked it. Waiting for your next chapter (and hope you're reading mine). Big sexy yaoi hugs to you as always.
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煌王 [The Sparkle Queen]shinimegami21 on July 7th, 2007 12:02 pm (UTC)
hhhhooot! ur amazing with this pairing! *_*
Gogo: Ren-Shugogo_ergo_sum on July 7th, 2007 12:08 pm (UTC)
Y thank you... does that mean you're calling for an encore, sweet friend? Hmmmm? (gogo wants some more dirty words in Japanese, too. And more pics of the death goddess in her cute clothes!)
(no subject) - shinimegami21 on July 7th, 2007 12:14 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Joyjoyinthedance on July 8th, 2007 02:28 am (UTC)
Awesomely sexy. Sexily awesome. I've always rather liked the idea of this pairing and you do an amazing job with it. :)
Gogo: make-outgogo_ergo_sum on July 8th, 2007 05:51 am (UTC)
Thnxxx. Celebrating the start of PLT!! (shhh, part of the reason I kept the lemons outta this one was so I could give them to you.) Then again, gogo seems to be quite the lemonaid stand this summer. And she loves it!! MWAH. Have a blast on your trip!
Anthaantha_aryn on July 8th, 2007 06:46 am (UTC)
First time I've ever read anything on this pairing and I ♥ this!
Gogogogo_ergo_sum on July 8th, 2007 07:09 am (UTC)
Why thank you very muchly! Very glad you like! It is a rare pairing, so I might just xpost to asterisk_plus. This was so fun to write because there is no way Kaien would be intimidated by Bya.
Silver Harmony: Renjisilverharmony on July 8th, 2007 11:56 am (UTC)
Wai ^_^ Your fic is amazing. And Byakuya tying up Kaien's sash at the end is <3
Gogo: aristocratgogo_ergo_sum on July 8th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
thank you!!! I am a fan of yours as well. I love Bya. Just love him to bits. I'm tempted to write Aizen x Bya or Bya x Aizen after seeing the yummy xxx pic that someone just posted on the yaoi community.
X-Dressing Semequiltedelf on July 8th, 2007 03:15 pm (UTC)
WAI!! So just how soon is Kaien going to report on Rukia's progress? LOL I'd imagine the very next day, if not the same afternoon......

I must admit though, I always feel sorry for the guy who's left 'standing' it just seems like such a painful thing to walk with LOL

yet another goodly one, Thanks muchly!!
Gogo: ren-changogo_ergo_sum on July 8th, 2007 09:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks!!! I ended up writing two "race against the clock" fics , both with Kuya, in one week. Funny.

Oh, Kaien and Bya will be seeing each other again. I gotta keep up with my Bya x Renji fic first, tho! Thank you so much reading. xoxoxo
Tonic: WIN.gogodgene on July 8th, 2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
Awesome smut is awesome. =D
Gogo: Ren-Shugogo_ergo_sum on July 9th, 2007 01:55 am (UTC)
gogodgene is awesome. XD
kaphinated: Shuurenkaphinated on July 9th, 2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
Oh well done you. *grin*
Gogo: Renji-droolgogo_ergo_sum on July 9th, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)
Thnxxx. Lovely icon. It's delicious. You're trying to tell me something, aren't you, dear K8?? Hmmmmm?
W/ a cup of luv in my hand, I'm sipping profoundlyperviepreistess on July 16th, 2007 06:45 pm (UTC)
Yo tyhis wasso Fi! I loved it! Gogo you're anotther one who puts down some really great work! I'm to grow up and be like you all with the great work. So I look forward to you next work! Keep the great work coming!
Gogo: Kaien-Byagogo_ergo_sum on July 16th, 2007 09:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Ummm...
Thanks, Pervie!! I really appreciate the compliment. I will endeavor to keep the fics coming. I plan to post the new chapter of Ways of Binding sometime this week. Been busy with other fics and smut and an rpg, but that's no excuse. Glad you liked the Kaien x Bya. They were a very fun pairing to write. xoxoxo
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kr4nkykr4nky on July 25th, 2007 07:25 am (UTC)
I demand more!!! Keh keh keh. Has never read Kaien in fanfic before and your characterization is great! "Byakuya-hime" was aptly put. He certainly is prissy enough, feminime enough and pretty enough. Write more! Chapters and chapters of it. I will be waiting!
Gogo: Aaroniero-kaiengogo_ergo_sum on July 25th, 2007 07:38 am (UTC)
THANXXX! SO glad you enjoyed it! I will write more. Lots of people have requested, and these two were so much fun to write. I am going to finish my next Ways of Binding (Bya x Ren) chapter, then I shall return to Kaien x Bya. I'll holla at ya when it's posted. xoxox
Keep in touch and stuff.
Squid: surprised byaichiyaoi_4dd1ct on July 26th, 2007 03:27 pm (UTC)
Never pictured this pairing before, but you made me want it more. . . I rhymed! Wow, that was hot, I love Byakuya the uke. . .Byakuya-hime! love it so much, wonderfully sexy and painfully hot.
Gogo: Bya-Kaiengogo_ergo_sum on August 2nd, 2007 07:42 am (UTC)
Thnx. I surprised myself by uke-ing Bya so easily. But, it worked. Now if I could only get the Bya to behave in Ways of Binding...

Hope all is well with you. xoxo