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Ways of Binding, Part 4

What:  Ways of Binding, Part 4
Who:   Byakuya x Renji
R for yaoi, language, angst, cursing, sexual situations, and bondage & discipline.
None, really. Just SS stuff.
Don't own Bleach or any of these hot boys. Just like to play with them.

Summary: Byakuya's still upset about that spanking. He's not going to let Renji off the hook that easily...  In the words of Kuchiki taichou, "the punishment shall be suited to the crime..."

Author's note: For everyone who reads this series and thinks, "Whoa, that's major OOC..." First of all, I (obviously) regard Byakuya as rather dark and perverse (and emotionally repressed). As for the bondage & discipline... Certain aspects of B&D can incorporate structure, highly defined roles, characterization/roleplay/masks (ahem), a degree of emotional distance, power, and, of course, discipline. The way I see it, incorporating B&D into Byakuya's sexuality makes more sense than turning him into a super-uke. After all, as per canon...Renji was the one who ended up in handcuffs...not Bya.

Beyond that, Ways of Binding is a bondage-themed fic. Work with gogo a bit, 'k...? Some interesting things are bound to happen between Bya and Renji... (bad pun...couldn't resist). As alway, thnxxx for reading. xoxo- gogo

Part 4:


Renji hung his head and let his shoulders slump. He bit his lip to keep his eyes from welling up, unable to bare the rawness of pain and the humiliation of tears. His teeth reopened the same spot he’d bitten when Byakuya first caressed him.

The elder shinigami was surprised by how much it stung to see the younger man deflate before his eyes. He hadn’t expected the loudmouthed rogue to crumple in misery and defeat. That wasn’t how this exchange was supposed to go. The hotheaded whelp was supposed to be brash and indignant, challenging Byakuya to “be a man” and “finish what he started.” Or something to that affect.

“Renji…” Byakuya grabbed his fukutaichou’s chin and raised it none too gently. He wanted the younger man to look at him.

“While I do not know your original intentions for sneaking into my office…” Renji recognized the ice-cold venom of Byakuya’s angry tone, “And I am appalled to think you might have planned to…strike…me in such a manner…. I do know that you took great pains to hide your reiatsu and enter this office without expressed consent.”

Renji tried to pull his face away; he wasn’t ready to look taichou in the eyes. Byakuya held firm. He had no intention of letting his subordinate squirm away. While the vice-like grip restrained Renji’s movements, it could not control where the younger man cast his dejected gaze.

“Let’s be frank with one another, Abarai fukutaichou.” The redhead winced at the use of his title, but knitted his inky eyebrows together at the dash of playfulness creeping into taichou’s voice. Renji was the only one who could discern the minute differences in the aristocrat’s expressions and inflections.

“You hid your reiatsu and snuck into this office. Yes or no?” Renji nodded, the elder shinigami’s iron fist moving along with him.

“You knew that I was in here. Yes or no?” Again with the nods.

“You watched me for some time before making your presence known?” Renji hesitated for a moment and then signaled “yes.” No use lying about anything now. He’d embarked on that ridiculous mission practically planning to get caught.

“You enjoyed watching me? You enjoyed it…very much?” Byakuya didn’t need Renji to answer that one. The immediate flush of color on the younger man’s neck and cheekbones told all. 

“I see,” Byakuya said, as if it all made perfect sense. Which, perhaps it did—to him. His lips were twisted into the barely there smirk Renji had decided to label the ‘innuendo sneer.’ Only time would tell whether this new expression would be a ‘good sneer’ or a ‘bad sneer.’

“So… When and why did you decide to come at me with physical force?” One dark eyebrow arched gracefully as Renji’s jaw was released.

A flash of indignation made his cheeks turn even redder. “Physical force?” Renji thought, “You pompous baka! That was a fuckin’ spankin’, and you know it!” He was confused, frustrated, sore in all the wrong places, in mental and physical anguish, and, now, thoroughly embarrassed…all thanks to Captain Mindfuck here.

“Er…” was all he actually said.

It was strange for Byakuya to see the loud, brazen ruffian at such a loss for words. Usually, the smartass had something to say about everything.

His reiatsu didn’t feel right, either. When in the presence of his powerful, regal taichou, Renji’s reiatsu usually conveyed a mix of deference, awe, and poorly hidden desire, yet it had never conveyed such…despondency. The rough, cocksure pride that outwardly frustrated (and secretly titillated) the refined noble was all but missing, replaced by something sour and self-deprecating.

Renji…” Byakuya’s tone made the word both a prompt and a command.

Unlike Rukia, or that cheeky bastard Urahara, Renji had never been very good at talking his way out of altercations. He was much better at fighting his way out.  “Dunno,” he jerked his shoulders forward in a half-shrug, mindful of keeping his stiff fingers wrapped around the damn desk. “Jus’ sorta happened…. I guess….”

The elder man nodded once, indicating that Renji should continue.

“Uh… You were facin’ the window, an’…the idea jus’ came to me…” Renji scowled. He was getting tired of this. Kuchiki taichou was toying with him, proving once and for all that the tattooed redhead was nothing more than the noble’s personal court jester. Renji never doubted the ice-lord’s potential for cruelty, but…for a minute there…when taichou had pressed their bodies together…touching…moving…licking…panting…stroking and rubbing…bringing them both…so close…so fucking close…. Renji had dared to believe that Byakuya really wanted him….

But it was just a game. Another fucking game.

“The idea?” the Kuchiki prompted in his uncaring, unfeeling voice.

“T-the idea….” Renji felt the hot flush of embarrassment warming the tips of his ears. “That, uh…ya know…that-I-should-spank-you.” The last bit came out in a rush of mumbled words.

Renji desperately wanted to move his arms, stretch his fingers, and get those loose strands of hair out of his eyes, but the outré aristocrat seemed to be adamant about his annoying “all hands on desk” rule.

“Ah,” Byakuya said. He, for one, seemed to be enjoying himself. He moved forward to clasp Renji’s face again, but thought better of it, diverting his fingers once more into the sexy mess of hair.

The redhead leaned into the strong fingers and deepened his scowl. “Such a troublemaker,” Byakuya thought.

“Was it your goal to thus engage me in hand to hand combat?” The question was rhetorical. Byakuya was only asking for the sake of making a point. He let his fingers trail continuously through Renji’s fiery locks, tugging gently at the roots every now and again. Even thickened as it was by sweat and tangles, the scarlet hair was incredibly soft. The pampered noble imagined it would feel quite luxurious when freshly washed.

“No…” Renji grumbled, eyes downcast. He hadn’t snuck into Kuchiki taichou’s office looking for a brawl. He’d been looking to ruffle those pristine feathers, shake that perfect poise, and push those rigid buttons the way taichou was always pushing his.

Even now… As the dull, throbbing pain of rejection festered in his gut, his traitorous body had begun to respond to the strong, careful fingers that stroked his hair and gently massaged his scalp.

Simply being near taichou was enough to get his blood flowing. Hearing taichou’s low, sensual voice always quickened his pulse. But having taichou touch him…dear gods…caress him…basically sent his hormones into bankai. 

And damn that canny Kuchiki for already mastering some of his erogenous zones. He wouldn’t even be able to wield a brush now without thinking of those steely fingers raking through his long crimson hair. As said fingers paused to rub slow circles at the nape of his tattooed neck, fresh blood flowed south, inconveniently invigorating his arousal yet again. His manhood rose slowly this time, twitching and pulsing as if shuddering from the stress of being re-engorged—yet unsatisfied—no less than three times in the span of one afternoon.

Damn that man and his effortless power! When push came to shove, whether on the battlefield or perched the edge of a desk, Byakuya repeatedly mastered Renji’s battle-hardened body with apparent ease.

A pained sigh escaped Renji’s lips as he opened his hips slightly to accommodate the hardening mass between his legs.

Acute gray eyes missed nothing as they flickered discreetly over the redhead’s groin. The sly, calculating scion shifted his weight to allow one lean thigh to graze against the inside of Renji’s knee. The redhead moved his leg away in response, not trusting any more below-the-belt contact from Byakuya. It was shameful enough to be outwardly savoring the ministrations to his hair and scalp. Of course, pulling away only served to spread his legs further, stretching the thin material of his hakama over the noticeable bulge.  

“So…” Byakuya drawled, his voice patronizing yet deadly serious. “You, Sixth division’s fukutaichou, purposefully hid your reiatsu with the intention of secretly entering this office….with the objective of spying on Sixth division’s taichou…for purposes still unknown…. You eavesdropped on a private discussion between two senior level taichous… Then, for reasons that have not been sufficiently clarified, you assaulted the unarmed Sixth division taichou while his back was turned, and struck without warning or provocation….”

Dammit. When taichou put it that way…. Yeah. Renji was fucked. Hardcore.

The list of offenses committed by Sixth division’s fukutaichou continued unabated... “The first strike was then followed by a direct challenge to engage in hand to hand combat…”

The supercilious taichou didn’t try to stop the trace of smug humor that crept into his voice. “You were…neutralized…as a threat…and ordered to return at once to your office and administrative duties…”

Great. Thanks. Kuchiki taichou had effortlessly “neutralized” his brawny subordinate with one elegant, flawless hand. As if Renji needed to be reminded about that. He shifted uncomfortably on the desk, shoulders sagging into another defeated slump.

“You disobeyed these direct orders…only to attempt a second strike once the Sixth division taichou’s back was turned…”

At that, Renji sat up, bristling, and had every intention of speaking up in his defense. Kuchiki taichou had purposefully turned his back and taunted him. The way he’d bent over his desk like that… The way he’d all but wiggled his ass...

“C’mon…” he thought, “even yer damn reiatsu was darin’ me to take another swing! What the hell was I s’pposed to do? Jus’ ignore that shit?” 

“But…” was all he got to say before Kuchiki taichou smoothly interjected.

“Renji…” Byakuya sighed lightly and shook his pretty head. “Have you not considered the appropriate course of discipline for your inappropriate actions? What you’ve done is grounds for immediate suspension, and…pending investigation…potential dismissal....”    

Renji closed his eyes and heaved an enormous sigh. Fuck. He’d rather die by Kuchiki taichou’s hand than be utterly and irrevocably…dismissed. To be cast away in such a manner…like a damn stray dog…was a fate worse than death.

The strong, slender fingers continued to languidly comb through his hair. “This is not the first time you have…challenged me…Abarai fukutaichou…” The touch of dark humor had returned to the noble’s voice. “Though not by my choice…you were neither stripped of your title, nor dismissed from active duty following your previous bouts of…insubordination.”   

Renji scowled, remembering all too well how taichou’s disdain had cut deeper than Zangetsu. And how the wounds from taichou’s scorn had taken far longer to heal than any injuries sustained in actual battle.

“And…I am glad for it…” the deep voice continued.

Renji’s eyes popped open in surprise.

“Renji…” Byakuya said again, voice thick and deep, “at this time…I have no intention of suspending you…nor have I any desire to instigate your dismissal…”

The noble allowed his words to sink in, slowing his hand only when Renji turned to finally…finally…look into his eyes.  

Renji’s exotic red-brown eyes widened even further. Taichou’s icy, impenetrable grays had actually started to thaw. They were warmed by little sparks of…interest?...amusement?...and tiny embers of unnamed emotions. Coupled with the noble’s fine features and devious little smirk, the overall look was incredibly sexy.

“Incarceration only serves to fuel your disregard for authority…” The crafty Kuchiki moved his talented fingers to tease at the soft, sensitive hair at the nape of Renji’s neck. He suppressed a wider smile as he felt the redhead suppress a shiver. “However…such insubordination cannot go unpunished…”  

Renji blinked and looked away. “Kuso,” he thought, “here it comes…”

“So…” Byakuya deftly threaded his fingers back into the scarlet locks and tugged down with just enough force to bring Renji’s eyes up to meet his own. “In lieu of traditional castigation…I have chosen to personally address your…misconduct…with a punishment better suited to the crime…”  

Renji’s mouth dropped open in surprise. Oh. So that’s what all that…that… touching…and… ‘Mmmm’ing’…and...uh…gods…well, teasing… had been about?

“Damn, taichou…” Renji thought, suddenly hoping that the Kuchiki’s pretty little ass was smarting something awful, as his poor, neglected cock was sure to be aching for days.   

He hadn’t figured the proud noble to be such a masterful cock tease… But then again…what did anyone really know about the private, intimate ways and means of the Kuchiki heir?  

Renji’s tongue slipped out to wet where he’d previously bitten his lip. The quick movement caught Byakuya’s eye. He arched an elegant eyebrow and cocked his head in a way that would have been adorable if  he wasn’t, well, Kuchiki Byakuya, and leaned in to follow Renji’s tongue with his own.

“Oh…gods…” Renji thought, as his stomach plummeted out of his body and his heart tried to lodge itself in his throat, “what new torture is this?”

No torture. Just…a kiss…

Byakuya delicately traced the contours of Renji’s full lips with his tongue, pausing to gently suck on the bottom one for a few moments before…softlyslowly…bringing their mouths together.

That’s when Renji’s restraint finally snapped. He dove into the kiss, catching his superior off-guard. A few minutes ago, the redhead hadn’t been able to meet those piercing, platinum eyes. Now, he was snaking his tongue into Byakuya’s luscious mouth, eager to taste and explore. 

Now that he’d gained back a measure of confidence, Renji went after Byakuya’s tongue with his trademark energy and enthusiasm. One very husky moan managed to escape as he ran his tongue over the perfect, ivory teeth and nibbled on his taichou’s delectable lips.

Byakuya fisted a chunk of scarlet hair and pulled sharply, reminding the younger shinigami exactly who was in control, and returned the kiss fiercely. His left hand returned to the redhead’s hip, going so far as to dig strong fingers into the muscular swell of his ass.

Renji’s auburn eyes rolled up into his head as taichou’s soft tongue twirled around his own.

“Our first kiss. It’s really…Wow….” Renji thought, trying to focus on the moment, so as not to think about the likelihood of there ever being a second kiss.

Byakuya loosened his grip on the wild mane of hair, tugging gently as he moved to place wet little kisses over the redhead’s cheekbone and temple. Every tug made Renji’s cock twitch with a need that was growing increasingly desperate.

A low moan escaped Renji’s lips, followed by a pleasure-induced shudder as the slender shinigami began nipping at his jaw.

“Kuso…,” he thought, “My cock can’t take much more of this. Does that teme even know what he’s doin’ to me? Gods…it fuckin’ hurts now.”

Renji’s moan deepened as Byakuya shifted to nibble and suck on a sensitive part of his neck just below his ear, prompting the elder shinigami to “shhhh” him once more.

“Very responsive…” Byakuya mused to himself. “Hot blooded... Cocky, impulsive. foolish, infuriating…and dangerous.”

The heir’s voice was low and smooth against Renji’s ear; his reiatsu was hazy and seductive. “It has very recently come to my attention that I have mistakenly neglected your training, Abarai fukutaichou. Trust that, henceforth, I plan to be much more...hands on…in my role as your captain.”

He bit Renji’s ear—hard.

By now Renji was too far gone to sit still. “Hands on, mouth on…” he panted, “Whatever, taichou... Just bring it on!”

A sharper tug on his hair told him to be quiet. “Hush,” Byakuya breathed, while inwardly chuckling at the ardent words of encouragement. This was what he expected, what he craved, from the spirited young shinigami.

“Today’s events have made it patently clear that you are in sore need of discipline. Instinct is a…remarkable resource…but it is discipline that truly separates us from animals. Mmmm?”

Renji stopped fidgeting.

“Good,” Byakuya purred, testing the redhead’s resolve by tracing his devious tongue over the sensitive contours of the younger man’s ear.

Renji gasped, but otherwise remained still.

“Yes…just like that….” Byakuya murmured, his deep voice as rich and thick as velvet. 

He closed his eyes and inhaled, reveling in the firebrand’s uniquely spicy scent. 

The powerful taichou of Sixth company ghosted his fine lips over his fukutaichou’s ear and whispered, “Bakudou 21: Heaven’s Silk, Hell’s Torment….”

The demon art took hold immediately. Renji was frozen in place, his head still cocked to the side, his hands still gripping the edges of taichou’s massive desk.

Byakuya stepped back to admire his handiwork.

Renji couldn’t move a muscle. He could breathe, though there was no evidence of breath passing in or out of his lungs. And he wasn’t actually frozen. It was more like hundreds of invisible silken cords had woven and twisted themselves in around his entire body.

There was a similar Quincy technique that bound cords of spirit to flesh and bone to encourage movement under conditions of physical duress. This spell did just the opposite.

At that moment, Renji was utterly and undeniably…bound.

Byakuya was pleased to see that the auburn eyes were wide open. They registered surprise, while the swollen, slightly parted lips conveyed a look of pure lust. A quick glace down assured the elder that his subordinate’s arousal remained at its fullest.

Byakuya smirked.


This pic was a true find. So perfect the way Bya has one hand on Renji's wrist, the other in
his hair. It's uncanny...
love it so much. Whoever the artist is...big yaoi hugs and thnx from gogo.


Dedicated to gogo's garufurendo Marissa-chan. Our xxx, yaoi/yuri, smut-filled conversations gave gogo the idea for this story and many other happy plot bunnies. *hugs*

Visuals: gogo is so spoiled! Many thnx to friends and readers who've sent sexy bondage-related pics. Posting some here for everyone's viewing pleasure.

(forgot where this came from. srry)          this lovely is by naorin                    this sexy is from a doujin
                                               & sent by thalia33ad</span> </div>
Tags: angst, b&d, bleach, bya/ren, byakuya, fanfic, gogochan, renji, ways of binding, yaoi
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