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Bleach_BDSM (So, who's ready for a spankin'?)

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of Renji growling…. And the sound of Shuuhei moaning…

It’s the crack of a whip… And the slap of a paddle…

It’s the sound of Grimmjow laughing… And the sound of Ichigo screaming…

It’s the rattle of chains… And the tug of ropes…

It was only a matter of time
before gogo and gogodgene created bleach_bdsm, a new yaoi/yuri-centric Bleach community dedicated to wonderful, wicked fun of BDSM... Mistresses & Pets...Doms & Subs... Bondage & Discipline...
Where pain is pleasure, and vice is virtue… It's worth a visit just to see the custom mood theme ~

The House of Bondage at Bleach_BDSM.

The dungeon is open for business.

Play nice. Or not...

Tags: bdsm, community, mod
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