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17 August 2007 @ 08:44 am
Bleach_BDSM (So, who's ready for a spankin'?)  

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of Renji growling…. And the sound of Shuuhei moaning…

It’s the crack of a whip… And the slap of a paddle…

It’s the sound of Grimmjow laughing… And the sound of Ichigo screaming…

It’s the rattle of chains… And the tug of ropes…

It was only a matter of time
before gogo and gogodgene created bleach_bdsm, a new yaoi/yuri-centric Bleach community dedicated to wonderful, wicked fun of BDSM... Mistresses & Pets...Doms & Subs... Bondage & Discipline...
Where pain is pleasure, and vice is virtue… It's worth a visit just to see the custom mood theme ~

The House of Bondage at Bleach_BDSM.

The dungeon is open for business.

Play nice. Or not...

be: determineddetermined
Gogo: submitgogo_ergo_sum on August 18th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
(did this come up in MS chat? Saw that Shini joined the comm.)

Of course it's not telling you anything new to say that are plenty of comms that cater just to yaoi or het. Gogo's co-mod is also a huge yaoi fan, and we want to encourage the Bleach slash/yaoi/yuri communities.

As we've stated in the more detailed rules for posting on the comm profile, we are yaoi/yuri-focused and will accept het on a case by case basis. So no, we're not completely excluding. We're just very selective for several reasons. We've already had a fic submitted to the comm that included het non-con/torture and yaoi non-con/torture, which was rejected.

If someone proposes a true BDSM het fanwork that is NOT non-con (BDSM is consensual), there is an excellent chance that we'd post it. We just choose to take het on a case by case basis. One disclaimer, het fanworks involving Yoruichi are welcome and encouraged as long as they're true to the nature of the comm.

Besides myself, there are several comm members who are active and or have been active in the scene for quite. We look forward to bringing our expertise to the comm and making it interesting for bleach yaoi, yuri, and selective het fans.